Chaffin Sees Social Side of UNC

As he continues to work through his process of selecting a school, Brian Chaffin and his parents visited North Carolina over the weekend.

Unlike previous visits to the school, Chaffin stayed overnight Saturday on campus. The 6-foot-2, 280-pounder from Charlotte (N.C.) Christian bunked with fellow Charlotte native and offensive lineman Bentley Spain. The two also hung out with Mikey Bart, Lucas Crowley, and Brad Henson that night.

"It was great," Chaffin said. "Those guys were awesome. We really had a great time. We just kind of hung out. I felt real comfortable with them. We played some beach volleyball – that was fun. And then we went out and got some dinner and just kind of hung out and watched some movies. It was fun."

Academics and athletics are first and foremost for Chaffin, but the social side will also play a major role in his collegiate decision.

"Some of these visits you go on, the O-linemen are kind of talking bad about each other or they don't really like the coach," Chaffin said. "But that was not the case [at UNC]. It's a tight knit group and they hung out a lot and they had good things to say. It was very positive."

During the day, Chaffin was primarily with the UNC staff – specifically primary recruiter Gunter Brewer and offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic.

"One thing I really appreciated was Coach Brewer and Coach Kap were our personal tour guides the whole day," Chaffin said. "They took their whole day off and just showed us around. We were asking them questions throughout the whole day. They were just telling us what we needed to know.

"They really just told me how much they want me and that I'm their No. 1 guy for center. I really appreciated that. And them spending that much time with me was huge. They were just telling me how I'd fit in and help change the culture there."

As part of his full campus tour, Chaffin received his first peek at UNC's dorms.

"They were nice dorms so that was a big positive for us," Chaffin said.

After spending time with Brewer and Kapilovic but before heading out with the players, Chaffin and his parents sat down with Larry Fedora.

"We were asking him what his plans were for the future, his visions for the program, why he chose UNC in the first place, and what made it special," Chaffin said.

Next up for Chaffin is a two-day visit to Stanford beginning on June 5. That is followed by a return trip to NC State on June 13.

"I think I'm going to take one more [visit]," Chaffin said. "I'm going to leave a week open for potentially one more visit on top of those. I don't know where it is, yet."

Early in his recruitment, Chaffin formulated a plan to help him make his collegiate decision. That plan included waiting until after the spring to name favorite schools which would make way for a June verbal commitment. He says that his plan is on track.

"I'd like to name a top four either this week or early next week," Chaffin said.

Chaffin says he has a pretty good idea which schools will make up his top four, but plans to discuss the situation with his parents and coach Jason Estep before announcing it publicly. He did reveal that UNC's chances of making the cut were "pretty good."

"[Saturday's visit] reassures that [UNC] has a lot of things going for them," Chaffin said. "There really wasn't a huge question mark on them. I knew it was a close knit staff and I knew they had a lot of things going for them socially and athletically. So it was more just to confirm my thoughts and that my parents got a chance to experience it as well."

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