Washington Sets Summer UNC Visit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- SouthLake Christian Academy has been buzzing with college coaches during the Spring Evaluation Period. Most of those visitors came to check up on Robert Washington, a '16 running back.

"I've had about 30 coaches come by," Washington said. "… I've had some good talks, I've got to meet some coaches that I've never met before – I've just talked on the phone with them."

The first coach to visit SouthLake Christian this spring, according to Washington, was North Carolina assistant coach Gunter Brewer. NCAA rules prohibited Brewer from directly speaking to Washington, but SouthLake's staff relayed Brewer's message to Washington.

"My coaches told me that they want me to be a Tar Heel," Washington said. "It's a really good in-state school for me. They told me that Brewer wants me to come up there for anther visit so that they can just talk with me, spend time with me, and get to know me. And I'd get to know them better, as well."

Washington has scheduled a return visit to UNC for June 16, his birthday. It's the only summer trip that he has scheduled thus far. UNC will be hosting a camp on June 16, but Washington won't participate.

"I did [a UNC] camp last year, so I know how it is," Washington said. "So I'm just going to go watch the prospects and talk with [the UNC coaches]."

Also during the visit, Washington hopes to continue to build his relationship with Larry Porter, who became UNC's running backs coach in February.

"I've talked to Coach Porter a few times now," Washington said. "But you have to be able to meet face-to-face – that's when real relationships are built."

Washington last visited UNC in January for the Tar Heels' Junior Day that was held in conjunction with the basketball game against NC State. Porter wasn't a member of the staff at that point.

In addition to UNC, since the football season concluded Washington has visited Notre Dame, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Besides college coaches, the Spring Evaluation Period has brought new offers to Washington. Louisville, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Stanford, TCU, and Vanderbilt have all offered him the past couple of months. He now holds 30 scholarship offers.

To keep his recruitment more manageable, Washington plans to trim his list of schools under consideration to 15 programs prior to the football season.

"I'm going to focus on those 15 schools and talk to those guys and get to know them more in-depth," Washington said.

Washington knows a few schools that will make the cut already, but wants to keep their identities secret until he announces. He did, though, reveal that UNC's odds of making the list.

"Carolina has a very, very good chance of making the cut – I'm just letting the coaches know that," Washington said. "But I don't want to give anything away, but Carolina definitely has a great chance to make my list.

"It's an in-state school. A couple of guys are going to go there like my friends Anthony Ratliff, Corey Bell, Carl Tucker. I know Elijah Hood – we talk a lot – and T.J. Logan. It's just a great in-state school for me."

UNC already has a 2016 running back verbally committed, Antonio Williams. Washington says that won't negatively effect his feelings towards UNC – if anything it would help the Tar Heels.

"Antonio and I are good friends," Washington said. "We text and we talk about how we could be a duo at UNC. It's better to have two ‘backs anyway, because I won't have to take the pounding and he won't have to take the pounding. We can just rotate off."

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