McGirt: 'I'm 100-Percent a Tar Heel'

Emanuel McGirt entered Larry Fedora's office on Tuesday afternoon and concluded his recruitment. He talked about his decision in a commitment interview with ...

Take me through what happened today.

"I was planning to commit before I went [to UNC]. Coach Kap [Chris Kapilovic] already knew. So I went in and did it and made it official. I walked into Coach [Larry] Fedora's office and said ‘My name is Emanuel McGirt and I'm a Tar Heel.'"

How did the coaches react?

"He was ecstatic. He jumped on me, clapped on me, [and] he was screaming. He was really excited to take the offensive line to new heights. Whether it's at right tackle or left tackle, they see me at that tackle spot. He thinks I can be strong and I can help the team."

Why commit today?

"I felt it today. Plus, I didn't want to wait until after the Freak Show, because I knew they were taking one more offensive tackle. I didn't want to come back from Costa Rico and see another offensive tackle committed, so I went ahead and did it."

Why UNC?

"It was really the academics – the strong academics; the coaching staff; [and] the program is on the rise – the program is going to new heights. Coach Kap is an awesome offensive line coach. It's a program that sends guys to the NFL. I really like how the program is on the rise. In a couple of years, we're talking about a National Championship."

Speaking of Kapilovic, how did your relationship with him factor into your decision?

"[My relationship with him] is awesome. I talk to him a lot. He's a great guy. He's been recruiting me for a long time. I feel like he enjoys our relationship, too."

Larry Porter is new to the staff, but he recruits Durham for UNC. What was his role?

"He played a significant role… He's a black man, very spiritual, [and] built a great relationship with my dad – that always helps everything. Him and my dad got along really well."

Khris Francis, a former teammate of yours, has been on UNC's campus for over a year now. Did he impact your decision?

"I wouldn't say that played a role, but him and I are close. I blocked for him when he was in 12th grade and I was a little skinny 10th grader. I felt like when I committed to a school, I wanted to commit to the school mostly for the players, because coaches come and go. But players are going to be there regardless. And I felt like Carolina had the best players with the best character and overall hunger for the game. They just want to be great. The O-linemen treated me so well and I felt like that was important."

I know you were concerned about the fact that UNC already had two offensive tackle prospects verbally committed. How did Kapilovic ease those concerns?

"He didn't say anything specifically, but I know he believes in me. I feel like if I go in there and I work hard and I give 100-percent, there's no doubt that I can start and I can start at tackle. Any school you go to there's going to be competition."

How firm is this commitment? Will you make visits to other schools?

"I'm pretty much done with visits. I haven't really visited outside the state anyways. I'm pretty much done with recruiting. Of course if a school calls me or [direct messages] me on Twitter, of course I'm going to respond and be respectful. But I'm 100-percent a Tar Heel."

Although you are finished with recruiting, do you have any plans to recruit future teammates?

"Yeah, I'm going to definitely talk to some guys. I'm going to get on Shy Tuttle tonight. I'm going to try to get him to come on board and be a Tar Heel."

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