Woods Sets UNC Visit

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. --- Seventh Woods is embracing the start of his open recruitment.

The NCAA's recruiting rules dictate that college coaches can begin calling high school prospects on June 15 following each player's sophomore season.

For Woods, that was this past Sunday.

"I'm officially a junior now so it's in my hands now," Woods said.

"I know the (coaches) have been waiting for it – I've been waiting for it myself. It's just a blessing to have coaches calling me like that."

Woods, who previously has deflected questions about his recruitment, spoke in some detail on Wednesday at the NBPA Top 100 Camp about his communication with the schools that are in pursuit.

He said the calls came in on Sunday from North Carolina, South Carolina, Clemson, Kansas, Duke and Baylor.

The call from Roy Williams produced a visit date for a trip to Chapel Hill.

"Coach gave me a call and set it up – he wanted to see me," Woods said. "I'm going to UNC next week for a little open run – Monday, I think, for pickup."

Having made multiple prior trips to the Tar Heel campus, Woods sees this trip as a chance to measure his game against college and pro players.

"They've got what I want, so I want to compete against them as hard as I can," he said. "I'm just trying to go against all the point guards and see how my game fits against theirs."

The overall recruiting message for UNC's head coach has remained consistent. Williams has been aggressively recruiting Woods, who turns 16 later this summer, for more than a year.

"He just wants me to continue to work on my game and my outside shot and he's going to continue to recruit me," Woods summarized.

UNC obviously isn't the only school recruiting Woods, as noted with the list of other schools that called this week. Woods said Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski called and mentioned setting up a visit as well.

As for what he's looking for in his college destination, Woods explained: "Just a place that I fit in on the court, off the court, a place that I can call my second home. Whatever best fits me as a player."

His school list overlaps with another top point guard in the 2016 class, Dennis Smith. The two live only a couple hours apart and have known each other for five years.

"We've been tight since we played with the Karolina Diamonds," he said of their former AAU team. "We played against each other when I was 11, we played together on AAU for two years, so we grew as teammates and friends.

"We had a connection – we both have the same dream. We both can score, we both help out teammates a lot. We just keep in touch with each other."

Woods said he hasn't talked with Smith, or the coaches recruiting him, about the two teaming up together in college.

"They haven't talked about it with me but if we both fit at the same school, whatever happens, happens."

Following the NBA's event this week, Woods has a national guard camp, plus AAU in July and then USA Basketball's U17 Training Camp to wrap up the summer. His focus this year on the court remains improving his point guard skills – especially being a more vocal leader, considering his soft spoken demeanor – and his outside shot.

As the camp's brief afternoon interview session wrapped up Wednesday, a national reporter approached Woods about a poll he was conducting with many of the top prospects in attendance.

The question: "What is your first memory of college basketball?"

"First memory of college basketball," Woods repeated, as he considered the question and paused before replying: "The University of North Carolina winning the championship."

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