Sutton: 'I Just Got A Good Feeling'

Johnathan Sutton was the first commitment on Freak Show Saturday. The 5-foot-11, 214-pound linebacker from Swansea (S.C.) talks about what led him to make the verbal pledge to Larry Fedora.

On your way to UNC on Saturday, did you expect to make a verbal commitment?


When did it hit you that this was what you wanted to do?

"It was when I was sitting in there talking to [Larry Fedora]. I just got a good feeling."

What was his reaction?

"He was real excited."

I know UNC has been a school you've always liked, but ultimately what sealed the deal?

"My mom liked it and it's a good academic school. I'll be able to get a good education there and have a chance to play when I get there."

Speaking of playing, where do the coaches see you fitting into that defense?

"They said one of the inside linebacker spots – middle or Will."

What do you play at Swansea?

"I play all three [linebacker] positions. We were running a 4-3, but we've switched to a 3-5 [scheme]."

Ron West recruited you. How did he factor into your decision?

"We have a good relationship. He kept on me."

Back to the visit, what did you do during your stay?

"I basically just chilled, really. I just chilled with the players that were getting ready for the Freak Show, the little camp that they had."

Did you stay for Fedora's Freak Show?

"I had to leave. If I stayed I wouldn't have been able to do anything [because of my knee]."

How is your knee?

"It's great. I'm able to do everything. We start contact [practice] in the end of July. I'll be ready for that. I'm on schedule [with rehab]."

How firm is this commitment? Will you visit any other schools?

"Yeah, I've got to get my mom to N.C. State, because that was the other school that I liked. It's just a verbal commitment. That will probably be the only other school I'll visit."

When will you next head to UNC?

"I don't really know. I'll have to talk to my mom and look at my schedule."

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