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Luke Maye's play at the NBPA Top 100 Camp last week was hailed as a breakout performance by some media and scouts. The 6-foot-7, 230-pound son of a former UNC quarterback doesn't see it that way.

For Maye, it was simply a chance to show many of the country's top players what he already knew.

That he belongs.

"I think I played really well the whole week," Maye said on Tuesday evening. "I played to my strengths, worked hard and did well against some of the better players. I knew that I was one of the best players. I played like that, wanted to show my skills and keep improving."

Maye was the camp's leading rebounder and put up solid numbers against players ranked near the top of the 2015 and 2016 classes.

He said playing against Ben Simmons, a top five player in the 2015 class, was one of the highlights of the camp.

"He's a pretty versatile player," said Maye. "He's pretty good, but I thought I did well against him. He scored some on me, and me against him. It was back and forth a little bit."

On the Nike EYBL circuit, Maye plays with Team United and is often among his squad's leaders in points and rebounds. That production, however, hasn't led to a prominent national ranking.

"I try to not really look too much into those," Maye said of national rankings. "My job is to just go out there and produce. That's all I can do. If I keep playing well, everything else will work itself out."

Prior to the start of his senior season, Maye has collected offers from UNC-Charlotte, Davidson, Clemson, St. Joseph's, Notre Dame, Charleston, Iowa State and Tennessee. He's also receiving interest from UVa., N.C. State, UNC, Xavier and Butler.

"Coaches just tell me they love how I'm so versatile and how I rebound the ball," explained Maye. "They like how I can shoot and how I'm a true basketball player and I do a lot of things really well."

A day after coming home from the NBPA Camp, Maye and his mother took an unofficial visit to UNC on Sunday. Following pickup with current and former Tar Heel players, Maye met with assistant coach C.B. McGrath and head coach Roy Williams for about 30 minutes.

"They just talked about how they love my game," Maye said. "They think I can definitely play in the ACC and want to watch me more in July."

Tyler Zeller, Kendall Marshall, Maye and the current UNC team were the participants in pickup on Sunday. Maye matched up several times with sophomore Kennedy Meeks, a friend and former rival from the Charlotte area.

"It was a great experience and I felt like I held my own," said Maye. "Kennedy is a good player and has gotten a lot better. We want back and forth and I thought played well. I feel like I made an impression."

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