Two Out In Front for Hill

Although he had hoped to participate, Trevon Hill was sidelined for much of Fedora's Freak Show on Saturday.

"It definitely gave me a feel of what a game would be like without the fans," Hill said. "Everything was at a high tempo. The coaches, they were really intense with how they coach.

"All the coaches, they're good coaches. You definitely see [campers] who didn't know how to do stuff and [the coaches] explained it to them and they got it down pat. They definitely have a good coaching staff at North Carolina."

When he arrived for the prestigious event, Hill knew he was less than 100-percent because of a minor hamstring injury. During 40-yard dash warm-ups, the 6-foot-3, 216-pounder from Virginia Beach (Va.) Salem aggravated that injury and was relegated to spectator with ice on his hamstring.

"It's okay right now," Hill said. "It's healing back up. I'm not going to rush it or anything."

Since he's being recruited as a Bandit, Hill rotated between observing the linebacker unit, which was coached by Ron West, and defensive line, which was tutored by Keith Gilmore.

"I liked their intensity and high tempo – all the coaches there are high tempo coaches," Hill said. "Both [West and Gilmore] have differences in coaching style, but both of them are kind of similar."

Hill felt that concluding the camp with a mini dodgeball tournament displayed another dimension to the coaching staff's personality.

"Football is not always just football," Hill said. "It's not football, football, football – you have to have fun with it, too. That's basically what the dodgeball game was about."

When the camp ended, campers met Larry Fedora at mid-field. After requesting the verbal commitments in attendance to stand behind him, he asked "Who's next?" Juval Mollette, Javarius Davis, and Nick Polino joined the group of pledges.

Hill admits that he considered accompanying Mollette, Davis, and Pollino and verbally committing to UNC at that moment.

"But I need to take more visits and really decide on what I want to do," Hill said. "If I would have jumped up there, it would have gotten out and upset my dad because I hadn't talked to my dad about it. That's why I really didn't want to go up there."

This Sunday, Hill will visit Virginia Tech. It's the only recruiting trip he has scheduled.

"Those are probably going to be my two schools in the long run – North Carolina and Tech," Hill said. "Most of the schools that I have are kind of far and I don't want my parents making that drive or have the drive prevent them from coming and seeing me play. One's in the state and the other is not in the state, but the one that's not in the state is three hours away. I love all the coaches at both schools. They both made me feel comfortable."

A couple of days ago, Hill announced a final ten schools list, which consisted of Clemson, East Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville, UNC, NC State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

"I don't want people to know where I'm going," Hill said. "If you're going to know, it's going to be on that day that I want you to know."

Shortly after visiting Virginia Tech, Hill will announce a final three or four schools list.

"Maybe a week or two after that, I'll commit – I don't know," Hill said.

Hill had an announcement scheduled for late May, but canceled a few days prior.

"My parents wanted me to take my time and enjoy the experience of the recruiting process," Hill said. "And also, I had some other things going on. So I just decided to hold off. My parents actually wanted me to take my five official [visits], but after talking to them again, they're 100-percent behind me on whatever decision I make."

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