Britt: 'Carolina Was On My Mind'

J.K. Britt, a 6-foot, 187-pound defensive back from Newnan (Ga.), committed to the Tar Heel coaching staff on Monday evening and then discussed his decision with ...

What's the news?

"The news is I'm a North Carolina Tar Heel."

How did that occur?

"I knew the dead period was coming up and I narrowed my top two schools to North Carolina and Kentucky. I just felt the need to go ahead and do it. I wanted to go ahead and get it off my chest.

"I liked both schools evenly. But I liked North Carolina and I was just feeling it a whole bunch. At Kentucky, me and Coach Cambridge had a great relationship, but I just felt I needed to go ahead and commit to North Carolina."

Tell me about your decision timeline.

"I decided to commit on Monday, but then I decided to push it back probably two days ago. And then I woke up this morning when I was thinking about it, I just decided to do it today because there was no point in waiting."

What took place this past weekend?

"I talked to my family – I talked to my guardian, I talked to my real parents, I talked to my siblings, talked to my friends – I got all their opinions and combined it with my own research.

"North Carolina just seemed right. When I was there, I just felt real comfortable. North Carolina was just on my mind – North Carolina was just on my mind more than Kentucky."

How did you commit and what were the coaches reactions?

"I first called Coach Kap [Chris Kapilovic] and he got Coach [Larry] Fedora on the phone and I told him as well. Both had a positive reaction – they were just happy to have me part of the family."

Before narrowing your choices to UNC and Kentucky, what did your choices look like?

"It was North Carolina, Kentucky and North Carolina State."

What broke the tie between UNC and Kentucky?

"It was just something I really wanted. I prayed about it. I talked to my family a lot. I did my homework on the coaching staffs of the schools. It turned out that North Carolina was the place for me."

You made your first visit to UNC over a week ago for Fedora's Freak Show. What role did that visit play in your decision?

"It played a pretty big role, because I was around the players and I learned to be comfortable around them. I saw the coaches coach and the environment."

Coach Chris Kapilovic served as your primary recruiter. What role did he play?

"He played a big role in my decision. Just him coming down to the school and him telling me that North Carolina was the place for me. That made me really want to take a look into it. He's the one that got me onto campus."

You also established a relationship with Vic Koenning?

"Coach Koenning and I, we sat down and he told me which position he wanted me to play in the defense. And then we had conversations over the phone where he gave me his whole life story. He just kept it real with me the whole time. He told me some stuff that you just wouldn't tell a normal person."

Do you want to reveal what Koenning said or is that between you and him?

"It wasn't anything bad. It was just his whole life story. You could tell anyone, but just normally chose not to."

Position wise, where does Koenning see you playing in the secondary?

"The coaching staff sees me playing either the boundary corner or the Ram position."

What are your thoughts on those positions?

"It doesn't matter – I'll play either one. I just really want to get on the field and help my team win a championship."

What positions have you played at Newnan?

"At my high school, I've played running back, wide receiver, corner, safety, kick return, punt return."

UNC came on late compared to other schools. What allowed it to land you despite playing from behind?

"Early on in the process, I had a couple of schools that I really liked, but they ended up getting full at my position. I started to widen my field. I visited Kentucky and really liked what I saw. I started to really hear from Coach Kap during the Spring [Evaluation Period]. I decided to visit the North Carolina schools and it went from there."

How firm is this decision? Will you visit other schools?

"The coaches don't want me visiting any other schools, so that's not in the plans for the future."

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