Coaches Flocking to Swanigan

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC -- As's No. 12 overall prospect in the Class of 2015, 6-foot-9 big man Caleb Swanigan is drawing plenty of interest from college coaches. That continued at the Peach Jam.

One of the coaching staffs that saw him play multiple times? North Carolina. Head coach Roy Williams's viewings of the 6-9 rising senior included Swanigan's final Peach Jam game against Boo Williams on Saturday afternoon.

The Tar Heels first began contacting him after he reclassified to the 2015 class in the spring.

The big man has noticed Carolina's presence at some of his games in July.

"I haven't heard much from North Carolina lately, but they've been to a couple of my games in July," Swanigan said. "So we'll see how it goes after this weekend."

During the month of July, Swanigan has played well. That continued at the Peach Jam - where he was among the event's leading rebounders at 11.4 per game (including 4.6 offensive boards per game) but was clearly frustrated with his team's lack of success.

"Man, it's been going great until Peach Jam. That's pretty much all I can say," Swanigan said of July. "We come out here and we go 1-4. We win the first game by 20 and then lost the rest, so that was tough. But every other part of July has been great for me. Besides Peach it's been pretty good. Just playing hard. That's all I can do is play hard. I don't know what I averaged or anything but I try to win every game."

Although Carolina has yet to offer Swanigan, he mentioned that he's still pretty early in the recruiting process and won't look to narrow a list down until after the July live evaluation period.

"I couldn't name the scholarship offers all right now. It would be tough for me to name them all," Swanigan said of the recruiting process. "All of the schools have been on me pretty hard. Right now, I haven't picked a favorite or started paying attention to it really heavily until the July period is over and everything slows down.

"I'll definitely cut down to a list and know which schools I'll want to visit."

His offer list includes Arizona, Georgetown, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Missouri and UCLA. Many of those staffs - and others - filled the stands at his games this month.

If North Carolina were to offer Swanigan, or even show more recruiting interest, the rising-senior said he would definitely pay attention.

"Most definitely. North Carolina is a good program right next to Duke in the ACC and it's in a powerhouse conference," Swanigan said.

At 6-foot-9, 265 pounds, Swanigan is one of the best rebounders in the country. Although he plays center for Spiece, he acknowledged that he thinks he's more of a power forward at the next level.

"I see myself playing the four but if I have to play a little five, that's nothing to me, I'm used to that. But I definitely see myself playing the four," Swanigan said.

Swanigan kept it simple when he was asked what he was looking for in a future college program. He's a player mostly focused on winning and getting some early playing time.

"Do they have guys that can win and is there an available spot for me to play?" Swanigan said of his college decision factors.

Much has been made about Swanigan being recruited by programs in the Midwest, but he downplayed staying close to home, because he's not actually from the region.

"I'm not from Indiana, I'm from Utah, so it's never a factor of distance or anything like that," Swanigan said. "I'll play where I feel comfortable."

With Swanigan still being early in the recruiting process, he said he could wait to make his decision until the Spring.

"I'm looking to narrow my list in August, but after that I'll commit when I feel comfortable," Swanigan said. "If it's the fall, that's fine, but I might wait until the spring as well."

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