McGirt: 'I’m a Tar Heel'

After camping at Georgia last weekend, reports surfaced that North Carolina pledge Emanuel McGirt was reconsidering his verbal commitment. However, following back-to-back trips to UNC, McGirt says his pledge is firm.

“Basically I’m a Tar Heel,” McGirt said. “Everybody is making it seem different than what it is over an interview. At the end of the day I can only control what I say – not what somebody else says.”

McGirt camped at Georgia to help to shake off some of the rust that built up over an uneventful summer.

“I wanted to compete,” McGirt said. “I hadn’t been to a camp the whole summer, because I had surgery and I was in Costa Rica. I missed [Fedora’s] Freak Show. I just wanted to go out [to Georgia] to compete and I did well. I got one of the top performers at the camp – I was happy about that. I just wanted to go out there and compete really.”

McGirt says the visit didn’t necessarily make him question his commitment to UNC.

“It was a good visit,” McGirt said. “It was a nice school, nice coaches, and everything. But I’m a Tar Heel. Am I going to go back [to Georgia]? I doubt it.”

Outside of UNC, McGirt doesn’t have any future visit plans. Alabama did ask him to call them on Friday night, though, which he plans on doing.

“I want to see what’s up [with Alabama],” McGirt said. “But am I going to visit? No.”

After camping at Georgia, McGirt faced plenty of fan backlash. But what surprised him the most was how quickly the news reached the UNC staff.

“[The UNC coaches] just wanted to see what’s up,” McGirt said. “I told them I liked [the Georgia visit]. But I told them I’m a Tar Heel. At the end of the day, that’s what they want to hear and that’s all they care about.”

On Thursday night, McGirt hung out around Chapel Hill with fellow UNC pledges Juval Mollette, Anthony Ratliff, and Carl Tucker. McGirt had planned to stay the night on campus with Mollette and Ratliff, but he was scheduled to work early Friday morning. Once he was able to get out of his work shift, McGirt returned to Chapel Hill early Friday morning and reunited with Mollette and Ratliff for breakfast. The trio then watched the Tar Heels’ camp that morning.

Before spending Thursday night with the Tar Heel pledges, McGirt hung out with Larry Fedora for an hour and a half.

“He just drove me around and showed me the campus,” McGirt said. “We just got to hang out. He was asking me about what I liked about Carolina. He told me if I’m ever wavering to remember what I like about it and what I feel in love with about it.”

While McGirt was with Fedora, his father spent time with Chris Kapilovic, UNC’s offensive line coach, and Larry Porter, McGirt’s primary recruiter.

McGirt’s father, mother, and oldest sister graduated from UNC. Additionally, a second sister recently transferred into UNC. McGirt plans to return to UNC often to visit his sister.

Although he graduated from UNC, McGirt says that his father isn’t a huge UNC fan. However, his oldest sister is and she conveyed disappointment when she learned that her younger brother had visited Georgia.

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