Williams: 'They Were Hyped'

Ty'son Williams determined on Tuesday that UNC was the place for him. Shortly after calling the Tar Heel staff, the Sumter (S.C.) Crestwood running back talked to InsideCarolina.com about how he came to his decision ...

What happened today?

“I’ve been kind of sitting on [South Carolina] and North Carolina for the longest. USC called me earlier today and they were like their running back spot was filled.

“I was really feeling North Carolina also when I went to the Freak Show. I just kind of held it in and made sure I wasn’t making decisions in the moment and was actually set on a school.

“[South Carolina filling up] happened today, so I was like ‘Well, it’s clear cut of where I should be.’”

What was it about UNC that you liked so much?

“I just got that feeling on that campus. I really enjoyed myself on their campus with the coaches. I had a great conversation with Coach [Larry] Porter. He’s really a cool dude and we really built a great relationship.”

What role did Porter play in your decision?

“He’s a standup dude. We built a good relationship and I can’t wait to play for him.”

What is his plan for you?

“He said I’d make a great ‘back alongside Elijah Hood. He said they could use us both in different ways. I have some things that he doesn’t do. And he has some things that I don’t do. So he thinks we’ll be like thunder and lightning.”

In the weeks leading up to your decision, what did you do?

“I talked to the coaches every now and then, but I was really just spending time with my family. I was really trying to just talk to my family and stay away from the media.”

How did you inform UNC of your decision?

“I called Coach Porter. I didn’t do anything special, because I just want to get on the field and play. So I just called him up and let him now. And he put me on with Coach [Larry] Fedora.”

What were their reactions?

“They were hyped. They were really hyped.”

When you attended the Freak Show, that was your first and only visit to UNC. Do you have any plans to return?

“Yes sir. I don’t know when, but I just know that I want to get up there.”

How firm is this commitment? Will you visit elsewhere?

“No. I’m set. I’m good.”

Making this commitment, how do you feel?


Ty'Son Williams

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