Roseboro Previews Announcement

LINCOLNTON, N.C. --- Darian Roseboro will announce his collegiate decision on Aug. 29 from Lincolnton High School’s gym at 2:30 pm.

Roseboro, a 6-foot-3, 293-pound defensive lineman, will choose between finalists Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, North Carolina, NC State, and Tennessee.

“I’m just trying to sit out here and focus on my team and get a state championship,” Roseboro said. “But, I don’t know where I want to go [to college]. I’m still debating between those six, because they’re all good schools and great programs. Right now they’re still all even.”

With that said, Roseboro set the Aug. 29 announcement date because he believes he has enough information to make a well-informed decision. Thus, he’s finished with recruiting trips.

On the eve of his announcement, Roseboro and his parents will sit down and make a final decision as a family.

“What’s really going to make the difference for me is where I feel comfortable and where I have a good relationship with the coaching staff,” Roseboro said. “It’s going to be a family decision, because family is important to me. And I’m going to take their thoughts into consideration.”

According to Roseboro, location won’t factor into his decision.

“My parents, they’re going to come wherever I go,” Roseboro said. “We’ve already talked about that. They said, ‘Don’t go somewhere just because you don’t think we’re not going to make it. We’re going to be at every game.’ They’re in a position where they can do that.”

Also while at the table with his parents, Roseboro will cut his list of finalists in half. On the morning of the announcement, he will inform the three schools that missed the cut. He’ll then announce publicly the final three on Twitter.

Roseboro isn’t the only four-star, in-state D-lineman eyeing a late August decision. Shy Tuttle is strongly considering making a verbal commitment on Aug. 25, while Jalen Dalton envisions a late August/early September decision.

“No comment,” Roseboro said when asked if the timing of the trio’s respective commitments was purely a coincidence.

“Me, Jalen, and Shy, we talk a lot,” Roseboro said. “We just talk about our recruiting, where we’re liking, and it would be big if we all played on the same D-line.”

When asked about a possible package deal, Roseboro said, “I’ll leave that up to you to decide.”

In addition to comparing notes, Roseboro’s relationship with Dalton and Tuttle has provided him friends who can relate to being recruited on a national scale.

“They’re both humble,” Roseboro said. “They’re both down-to-earth. Some players aren’t like that in the 2015 class. Some players think they’re God’s gift and they’re not going to have to work. Meanwhile, you have Jalen and Shy that are just two humble guys that you can not only talk about football, but talk about other stuff.”

Like Roseboro, Dalton and Tuttle have their own finalist lists. The only constant on all three is UNC.

“North Carolina is a nice school,” Roseboro said. “I really like the coaching staff, it’s close to home, and the players that are coming there’s character.”

Keith Gilmore is serving as Roseboro’s primary recruiter, while Larry Fedora has been as actively involved as possible. Roseboro speaks to Fedora on a weekly basis, while he communicates with Gilmore every two days.

“They tell me that they want me there, they need me there, and I can come in and make an impact early with their program,” Roseboro said.

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