Tar Heels target Pennsylvannia wide receiver

Inside Carolina interviews Ian Firestone, wide receiver from Wilson High School in West Lawn, PA.

Inside Carolina spoke with Ian Firestone, WR for Wilson HS in West Lawn, PA. This was one of the more interesting interviews I have had. You should know that Ian is very bright (3.5 GPA) and mature. He plays basketball (Shooting guard 17 ppg) as well as football.

Age: 17
Height: 6-2
Weight: 192
40-time: 4.34
BP: 285 (lifts all the time)
Catches: 43
Yards: 55
TDs: 7 (5 more were called back)
KRs: Averages 44 yards per return 1 TD. Teams have learned to kick away from Ian.

Missed part of last year due to a knee injury.

Inside Carolina – What are your current favorite colleges?

Ian Firestone - UNC and Boston College mainly.

Inside Carolina – How many schools have offered you a scholarship?

Ian Firestone – 15

Inside Carolina – I assume both Carolina and Boston College have both offered you a scholarship?

Ian Firestone – Yes, both have offered.

Inside Carolina – You were scheduled to visit Chapel Hill a couple of weeks ago. Did you make it?

Ian Firestone – Yes, I was down there the day after the freshmen reported.

Inside Carolina – What did you think?

Ian Firestone – It was great. Awesome. I had a chance to walk around downtown. I loved the town and the campus. My parents really loved it too.

Inside Carolina – How did you like the stadium and the facilities?

Ian Firestone – I like them a lot as well.

Inside Carolina – Did you meet the staff?

Ian Firestone – Yes, I met the staff and really related to all of them very well.

Inside Carolina – What first attracted you to Carolina?

Ian Firestone – The academics. I'm not one of those guys that wants to go to a football factory. I want to go to a place where a degree means something.

Inside Carolina – What do you plan on majoring in?

Ian Firestone – Business.

Inside Carolina – Who is recruiting you from UNC?

Ian Firestone – The WR coach.

Inside Carolina – Coach Brewer?

Ian Firestone – Yes.

Inside Carolina – What do you like about Boston College?

Ian Firestone – Again, the academics are important to me. I plan on visiting Boston College on September the 1st.

Inside Carolina – Do they have a game that day?

Ian Firestone – Yes.

Inside Carolina – Do your parents have a preference where you go?

Ian Firestone – No. Not really.

Inside Carolina – Do you come from an athletic family?

Ian Firestone – Pretty much. My dad and brother played some football. Nothing major.

Inside Carolina – Did you have a favorite college team growing up?

Ian Firestone – Yes, I liked Notre Dame.

Inside Carolina – They aren't listed as one of your favorites. How come?

Ian Firestone - They gave me a difficult time about not going to camp.

Inside Carolina – Do you have a favorite pro team?

Ian Firestone – I like the Redskins.

Inside Carolina – Is early playing time important to you?

Ian Firestone – It would be nice but I know I could learn a lot playing behind other players.

Inside Carolina – What do you like to hear from recruiters?

Ian Firestone – Just that I will be given a fair shot.

Inside Carolina – What do you mean a fair shot?

Ian Firestone – I have had schools not believe my 40-time.

Inside Carolina – What has been the highlight of your career?

Ian Firestone – Probably when I got my first letter from college.

Inside Carolina – When did that happen?

Ian Firestone –My freshmen year they started me out at QB. The moved me to WR for a game which I hadn't been practicing at and really did not know the plays. That game I caught 6 catches for 106 yards. My HS coach had my game tape in the mail right after that. Wake Forest offered me shortly thereafter.

Inside Carolina – When did you start thinking that you could be a Division-1 player?

Ian Firestone – I'd say in the seventh grade.

Inside Carolina – What are your hobbies outside football and school?

Ian Firestone – I like to hang out and surf the net.

Inside Carolina – Ever visited Insidecarolina.com?

Ian Firestone – No, but I have visited tarheelblue.com and Carolinablue.com

Inside Carolina – What makes you a good receiver?

Ian Firestone – I read defenses well. I know when to break off routes.

Inside Carolina - What advice has your family given you about the recruiting process?

Ian Firestone – Just take your time and evaluate what the coaches are saying. They are going to tell you what they think you want to hear.

Inside Carolina – When did Carolina start recruiting you?

Ian Firestone – Last December

Inside Carolina – What will you be looking for when you watch Carolina play?

Ian Firestone – How they use their wideouts. I don't want to go to a strictly running school although I realize the importance of a good running game.

Inside Carolina – Are you planning to watch the Carolina/Oklahoma game?

Ian Firestone – Yes. I plan on watching it.




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