Suhren Favoring Four

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- After camping at North Carolina the past two summers, Taleni Suhren has a perspective on how Chris Kapilovic coaches his offensive linemen.

“He’s a great coach,” the 6-foot-4, 268-pound offensive lineman from Ardrey Kell High said. “He’s one of those people who’s going to make sure every single part of you is correct, because the little things do matter to him. Playing the offensive line, that’s what you really want – you want that person that’s going to bring the best out of you. Coach Kap is always going to have your best interests.

“The one thing I liked: he loves that tenacity. He likes to have aggressive offensive linemen, who maybe won’t have the best technique but have the raw foundation that he could build off.”

Following his participation in the Tar Heels’ camp this past June, Kapilovic and Gunter Brewer provided Suhren an update on a possible UNC offer.

“They said they want to see how I pan out,” Suhren said. “They said they want to see how I do this year. They want me to keep in contact with them… Hopefully if I’ll have a good season, because that’s a big offer that I’m waiting for.”

In the meantime, Suhren has been compiling offers. Tennessee offered earlier this week and he has possessed offers from Charlotte, Duke, NC State, and Wake Forest for some time.

Suhren admits that UNC’s hesitation puts the Tar Heels at a disadvantage.

“But then again, I’ve known them for so long, it doesn’t put them too far behind,” Suhren said. “But right now, I’m not trying to look at it like that. I’m just trying to look at as many places as I can so that when it comes time to make that decision I know everything I can about that program.”

Besides UNC, Suhren camped at Charlotte, Clemson, NC State, South Carolina, and Wake Forest this summer.

Through those travels, Suhren has begun to favor four schools – Clemson, Duke, UNC, and NC State.

“Duke is a great place,” Suhren said. “Academics are top notch. A lot of people talk about how they appreciate academics, but it is one of the top academic schools in the nation. You can’t beat that education. I love Coach [Derek] Jones and all those guys.

“Clemson has everything that you’d need. They have a great program. You’ve seen they’ve already started to compete with those other big schools and that’s a big thing for me also.

“NC State is great. They have a lot of nice things they’re doing with their program with the new facilities. Me and Coach ‘U’ [Mike Uremovich] really did connect during the time I went up there.”

In addition to having current linemate Mason Veal verbally committed – which Suhren admits will affect his decision – Suhren has developed a strong relationship with UNC’s coaching staff.

“Carolina is great,” Suhren said. “They’ve always had a big part of me. I believe in that program. I’ve known Coach [Larry] Fedora since – we always joke about it – he had boxes in his office. Carolina is one of the schools that I have a better relationships with. That team is going to be really good. That program is heading in a great direction. I think they’re going to be really good. That’s a team to be really scared of this coming season.”

During the football season, Suhren is looking to attend games at each of the schools that have offered him, plus Clemson and UNC. However, a definite schedule has yet to be established.

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