Mollette Signs On

RANDLEMAN, N.C. --- Juval Mollette signed his scholarship agreement with North Carolina on Thursday morning.

During Fedora’s Freak Show in June, Mollette, a 6-foot-4, 195-pound wide receiver, verbally committed to UNC over fellow finalists Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech.

At about the same time, he made the decision to graduate from Randleman High School in December and enroll in college in January. Signing his agreement further streamlines that process, by allowing UNC extra contact, among other things.


Now that you’ve signed with UNC, what’s your mindset?

“Now I’m just ready to get to college – eager to get to college.”

Signing your scholarship agreement, do you feel any closer to achieving that objective?

“Yes. This is a big milestone, I guess you could say. Now that I’m past this, I know the next step is moving in.”

What went into your decision to enroll early?

“I just wanted early playing time. I think if I go in there [early] and I work hard and compete, I can get that. I just wanted to get in there and get to learn the playbook early, go ahead and get my feet wet, and get the college lifestyle without football being the main attraction. If I would have enrolled in the fall, it would have been football season.

“The biggest negative is I’ll miss the basketball season and I’ve been playing basketball with my senior class since we were in sixth grade – probably younger than that with some, like rec league.”

What have the UNC coaches said about early playing time and the overall game plan for you now that you’re enrolling early?

“We haven’t really discussed playing time. I know I’m going to be playing receiver – probably outside wide receiver – where Bug [Howard] and Quinshad Davis play.”

Was there a push from the UNC coaches to enroll early?

“It was up to me. I decided that. I told them and they said that would be a good idea.”

When did you begin thinking about early graduation?

“I probably started thinking about this in the beginning of the summer. I had heard other people doing it. I didn’t know that you were able to do it. So when I heard about other people doing it, I thought that that could benefit me, also.”

UNC has four ’14 signees enroll last January. Did you pick their brains before making the decision to do it yourself?

“Yea, I talked to some of them. Some of them said they liked it, but some of them said they kind of wished they could have stayed in high school, because they miss high school. But they all said it’s definitely for the better – it definitely gets you stronger and helps you with the playbook.”

Explain the timing of your signing. Fellow midterm enrollees J.K. Britt, Anthony Ratliff-Williams, Carl Tucker, and Ty’son Williams signed nearly a month ago.

“I just wanted to wait a little bit more. I wanted to do it at a time when all my family could be here. Some of them have to work and had to have time to take off [from work].”

What were the requirements to sign early?

“You had to have all your classes. You couldn’t have failed any classes. I needed to have two classes this semester – I needed an English and a math this year. Instead of taking them one semester and then one the other, I just put both of them on [the fall] schedule. So I put math in my first block and then I have English in my third block.”

How often do you expect to be in Chapel Hill for football games this fall?

“I’m trying to be at every home game and maybe a few away ones. Maybe [I’ll make the game against] Notre Dame and the close ones like Clemson.”

What about your UNC official visit?

“I’m looking for it to be Oct. 4, the Virginia Tech weekend. Me and Coach ‘Kap’ [Chris Kapilovic] talked about it and he said that would probably be a good weekend to come, because it should be a good game.”

Speaking of Kapilovic, can you talk about your relationship with him and his impact on your commitment and early enrollment?

“He’s been recruiting me since probably I was 14 years old. So we’ve built a strong relationship these past three years. I just feel so comfortable with him and everybody at UNC – not just the coaches, the players, the managers.”

What’s the communication been like with Kapilovic since committing in June?

“I still talk to the coaches weekly, at least. I’m in contact with Coach [Gunter] Brewer, Coach [Larry] Fedora, and Coach Kap maybe three or four times some weeks. I make sure I keep in contact with them a lot.”

How has the conversation with the UNC coaches changed since committing?

“They’ve always wanted me and they’ve always been on me real hard. They’ve always recruited me and nothing has really changed with that. That’s what I like about them – it wasn’t like they were just doing that as an act to get me.”

You’re very active on social media and some of that activity is with other recruits. Have you been recruiting other prospects for UNC?

“Yea. Jalen Dalton and Shy Tuttle are my two biggest targets right now.”

Both of those guys are scheduled to make a verbal commitment in about a month. What are UNC’s chances?

“I haven’t talked to Shy and Jalen in a while, but when I was it seemed like Jalen was kind of leaning towards us. Hopefully we’ll get him and Shy – maybe Darian [Roseboro], also, since he’s supposed to be committing tomorrow.”


What type of player is UNC getting in Juval?

“I feel like Juval is an extremely talented young man. Of course his strength and size is a huge factor. He’s 6-foot-4 ½, 200 pounds. He’s a really good weight lifter, works hard in the weight room, and has really developed himself there. He’s a great wide receiver and a heck of a competitor.”

Mollette’s senior season began last Friday. How has he progressed since his freshman year?

“As a freshman, you could see some talent. And then he really started doing some good things his sophomore year and that really got him on the map. All year long he worked out in the weight room and did a good job… He has really worked hard to develop and take care of himself. The God given talent is there and when the work ethic is there also, you can take it to the next level – and that’s what he’s done. His work ethic is second to none. He has goals and aspirations to be great. At first he really loved basketball and just liked football, but now he’s begun to really love football.”

Can you talk about UNC’s recruiting, particular with Chris Kapilovic, who recruits your school?

“Coach Kap came in and just did a great job recruiting. Coach Fedora has been in a couple of times and Coach Brewer, also. Those guys just did a great job – the best job recruiting as a group of men by far. And we had a huge amount of people through here, but it came down to Carolina and Clemson.”

What’s the process for early graduation and midterm enrollment?

“The biggest thing is we’ve got to make sure he finishes strong academically this semester. And he will graduate before Christmas. We’ll go through North Carolina DPI and our county office to make that happen.”

What advice did you provide him regarding early enrollment?

“I just felt like if he was mature enough – and I feel he’s a very mature young man – that it would a great opportunity for him to get some academic stuff out of the way in that first semester. Being in school without the football season will allow him to get used to college easier.”

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