Incident Details Emerge

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – An attempted Gatorade shower at the Aloft Hotel earlier this month ultimately resulted in the injury of a wide receiver and the one-game suspension of four defensive backs, sources familiar with the situation told

The situation made national headlines on Tuesday when Yahoo Sports reported that the incident escalated from “an alleged hazing into a group assault of a teammate.”

The UNC football team stayed at the hotel for training camp from July 31 until the start of the fall semester on Aug. 19.

On the evening of Aug. 4, four defensive backs – sophomores Des Lawrence and Brian Walker and freshmen Donnie Miles and M.J. Stewart – entered the hotel room of redshirt freshman walk-on receiver Jackson Boyer and his roommate with the intent to douse them, according to a source.

Boyer reacted strongly to the attempt, an altercation ensued and he suffered an eye injury and possibly a concussion, according to sources. Boyer returned to practice the following day.

Chapel Hill Police said no charges have been filed.

UNC head coach Larry Fedora was notified of the incident by players two practices later. Fedora proceeded to investigate the incident as a team matter and met with Boyer to discuss what happened, according to sources.

Fedora forwarded his findings to athletic director Bubba Cunningham and chancellor Carol Folt in accordance with university policy. Parental involvement mandated that the matter be turned over to UNC’s Office of Student Affairs, which has since been in control of the investigation for the last three weeks.

The four defensive backs and Boyer’s roommate have since provided their accounts of the incident to the Office of Student Affairs, according to a source. Boyer declined to testify. He also has not filed a complaint with the University.

Attempts to reach Boyer’s family have been unsuccessful.

Kevin Best, UNC’s Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, released a statement on Tuesday indicating that the university was “aware of an incident involving members of the UNC football team that took place earlier this month.”

UNC officials have declined further comment as the investigation is still ongoing.

Fedora told reporters on Wednesday that Lawrence, Walker, Miles and Stewart had been suspended for one game due to a violation of team policies.

Lawrence and Walker were projected to start at cornerback in UNC's season opener against Liberty on Saturday. Stewart is a backup cornerback and Miles is a backup ram.

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