Wednesday Larry Fedora Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora spoke with reporters Wednesday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening comments:
“In our opening game, we played 67 players. We got a lot of good experience for a lot of young guys who played in their first football game in college and we hope to be better this next week as we go into our second game against San Diego State.”

What concerns do you have about the San Diego State defense?
“Rocky, he does a great job, very innovative on defense and always has been. He has a very unique style of defense, and his guys adapt to it very well. There are a lot of movements, a lot of confusion, a lot of chaos created for a young offensive line and so that definitely is a concern for us.”

Anything you're looking to improve upon from Week 1 to Week 2?
“Well, I just hope we get better. As we continue to get a little bit better up front, and in all of our positions, but especially there, but makes it tough with the style of defense that the Aztecs are going to play.”

What would you like to see the offensive line, what improvements do you want to see heading forward?
“I just want to see us become more consistent up front with basically the fundamentals and the scheme that we're running, I want them just to see them improve a little bit each week. I mean, we don't have to be end of the season at our best right now. But we do need to see improvement and the style of defense that San Diego State runs makes it very difficult for a young offensive line.”

And then with the defensive line, you had a lot of new players there; what did you see out of them in the first game and what kind of improvements and what can they really do this season on the front there?
“I thought we were average up front on our defensive line in the last week and we're going to have to play much better going into our season. So we have got to just see each one of these guys get better, get more confident in what they are doing and just play hard on each and every snap and if they do that, we'll have a chance.”

What did you see out of Marquise Williams and Mitch Trubisky last Saturday?
“Well, I thought both of them did a pretty good job in their decision making process. Marquise had a couple of balls there that he underthrew that probably he would love to have back and throw them over and they would probably be touchdowns instead of picks.

“The only real mistake that Mitch made was he threw a screen pass when the guys didn't rush, he didn't get his eyes over quick enough, and tried to dump the ball and they ended up picking it off. But overall, I thought they did a pretty good job of managing the game. We have got to do a much better job taking care of the football in those situations, and if we show some improvement this week, we'll be okay.”

It looked like you guys were in a titanic struggle midway through the third quarter and then all of a sudden, it's a rout. What turned the game around?
“Well, defensively, I think we created four turnovers there in about a four minute span. The first one started with Jeff Schoettmer, who returned his for a touchdown, and then they created three more fumbles I believe right after that, and then the offense capitalized on all three of them. We were 6-for-6 in the red zone. Both units were playing off of each other and taking advantage of the mistakes that were created.”

Were you unhappy with the way you were playing up until the point it blew up?
“I don't know if I would say I was unhappy. I knew we were going to need to play better. I was anxious to see how we were going to play. I knew coming out at halftime we had a lot of frustrated football players in there and they were anxious to get going also. I think that they proved that they were pretty resilient and I look forward to seeing how they overcome adversity this week.”

Seeing San Diego State this week on film, what is it going to give you a challenge in this weekend?
“Well, Bob Toledo does a great job with the offense. They are a West Coast style of offense. They run the ball extremely well. They are very physical when they run the ball and they do a great job with their play action passes. Defensively, just the chaos that they try to create with their movement, their blitzes, all the different things that they do on that side of the ball will be an issue, or as a concern to see how our guys will handle it. If you look at them, they returned the punt for a touchdown in the opening game. They did some nice things in their special teams, so we'll have to match them up.”

What is one thing that you have to work on this week to improve upon from last week's game?
“We have to really continue to work on our own fundamentals. That’s one thing. We have to make sure that we tackle well and we have got to make sure that we block well, and we've got to take care of the football offensively and we have to continue to create turnovers on defense.”

What do Brian Walker and Des Lawrence bring to the defense?
“First of all, they proved themselves in spring ball and did a great job. I came out of spring saying that that position, they probably had the best spring, and then they just carried on after fall camp and had a really good camp. So they are a little bit of an unknown because they have not really been out there, but I had some confidence coming out of camp the way that they played in spring, and the way they played in the fall. They both will be aggressive and they will play hard and they both are involved in just about every special teams we have.”

With running backs, do you continue to split time pretty easily? What's the plan going forward with the running backs?
“I would say it will be about productivity. We'll go with a couple of guys that are being productive in the game and not be concerned with making sure everybody gets reps. It will be more about who is productive and who is making plays and who needs to be on the field.”

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