Zimmerman Hosts Roy Williams

Roy Williams conducted an in-home visit with one of his top 2015 targets – Stephen Zimmerman – on Thursday night.

“It was good,” said Zimmerman, a 6-11 senior at Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman. “He just left five minutes ago. My parents really liked it. My dad got moon pies for Roy. They were excited about that.”

“Having been recruited by them the past two or three years, I’ve heard a lot from them already,” he added. “They really talked about everything. Even if they missed one or two things, (my mom) had her list of questions she’s been asking. It’s pretty thorough.”

During the visit, Williams and assistant coach C.B. McGrath showed a video presentation highlighting former players like Tyler Zeller and Tyler Hansbrough to show the role envisioned for Zimmerman -- and played a dice game with him and his family.

“They came in and showed a couple of videos and they had a game they wanted to play,” Zimmerman said. “They had a list of all my schools and I think No. 7 on the dice was North Carolina. They had me roll the dice - it was a Keno-type of game. I rolled their dice and whichever one I landed on they were going to tell me about and I rolled a seven every time.”

What was Carolina’s pitch to Zimmerman?

“They said they would love to coach me,” he said. “They said they can run their offense through me since I can pass. I can be on one of the great players there. I could make a huge name for myself and they’d market it really well. Just be successful really.”

Zimmerman currently has official visits set up for Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA and Arizona. North Carolina had scheduled Zimmerman for ‘Late Night with Roy,’ the weekend of Oct. 3, but Zimmerman has now been invited to a USA Basketball training camp that weekend. So rescheduling is in order.

“We talked about it, but we didn’t make a date or anything,” he said.

“They were talking about it and stuff. We are probably going to have to talk about it more as a family.”

During the in-home visit, UNC also mapped out how they would like to see their 2015 recruiting class end up.

“Roy said he really wants a big man and a shooter or a three,” Zimmerman said. “He was telling us his plan and where he’s been going and how he’s been going non-stop with traveling and telling us where’s been.”

Williams and his staff have been recruiting Zimmerman for a few years. At this point, Zimmerman has gotten to know them quite well. What sticks out about them the most?

“Obviously they have a huge name with Michael Jordan, as he went there and being sponsored by him,” he said. “Other than that they are just like the other schools on my list. They are an amazing school and have amazing coaches and are successful. I’m blessed to be able to have them on my list.”

Zimmerman conducted in-home visits with UNLV and Arizona this week as well. Kentucky is expected in on Saturday. He also added an in-home with Notre Dame for September 17th.

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