Larry Fedora Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Larry Fedora said on his weekly radio program on Tuesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Did you have a productive bye week?
“We got a lot of work done. It was really good. I thought it was very productive for us. People keep asking me if we like a bye week early. In this situation with a young team, I was happy to have it, and we got a lot of work done.

“We focused on those fundamentals Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but we started implementing parts of the game plan on Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday were still fundamentals, but we implemented the game plan. I’d say 75-80 percent of the game plan was done by then, and then we came back in and finished the game plan off on Sunday.”

Do you solely watch games as a fan, or do you use it as a scouting opportunity to watch teams that you play later in the year?
“I really can’t remember the last time I watched a game as a fan. You see something in the game that you like or don’t like, and I will steal it in a heartbeat and won’t even think twice about it if it’s something that we like and something that will fit what we do and be good for us. I watched quite a few games on Saturday. It was nice to be able to do that and not have your stomach in your throat the whole time.”

Who did you watch on Saturday?
“I watched ECU and Virginia Tech, I watched it from start to finish, I’ll tell you that… We knew [ECU] was a good football team. And really, it didn’t surprise me. They were hot, especially in that first half offensively. Their receivers made some incredible plays. That quarterback, he took some hits, because they blitzed him and got after him, and they played man coverage, and he completed them. He did a heck of a job.”

How much of an evaluation period are you able to do with your coaches after such a short sample size?
“You still get an idea. We still don’t know the identity of this football team yet, but you get an idea of where we are at. We knew exactly what we needed to work on. You have a true freshman at right guard, who needs every single rep he can possibly get going into this week, so we got a lot of work done, we really did. One way or another, I can tell you the coaches liked having those extra practices. I don’t know that the players do. The players like practicing and playing, they like playing on the weekend, that’s what they live for, so when they don’t get to do that, it’s not a whole lot of fun for them.”

On the state of the offense:
“Average, very average. We have a long way to go to get to be a really good offense. That’s what our goals are, and we expect to be that way, so we’re not even close to the expectation level offensively.”

On the state of the defense:
“One of the things we spent a lot of time talking about, and a lot of emphasis was put on creating takeaways. That’s what we’ve done, we’ve done a great job of that, and we need to continue doing that, because when you do that, it makes up for a lot of other problems. We still have to do a better job of stopping the run. That’s going to be critical this coming Saturday. We’ve got to stop the run. We have to do it; you can’t allow them to do both. And they’re going to throw the ball around, so we need to be consistent stopping the run, and getting off the field on third down.”

Do you like the ACC schedule being set at eight games, or would you like to see it at nine? And, how would you like to mold your nonconference schedules moving forward through your time here at North Carolina?
“I think with Notre Dame on the schedule throughout so many years, I think eight is the proper number. At least that’s what I’m for, until we know exactly what Notre Dame is going to do in the future. As far as the rest of it, I think the way were scheduling now, I think it’s pretty good. It’s one of the toughest things that you have to do. You want to have a really good game on there for strength of schedule, you want a game that you can find out about where your team is, and at the same time, you want to have some games on there that you can build on as you go into the season.”

Where do you need to make the biggest improvement on the offensive end going forward?
“I still think we need to come together as an offensive line, and that’s to be expected at this point in the season with the guys that we have. But, I would say overall, we have to be more consistent running the football. For us to be good the rest of the way, we have to be efficient running the football.

“The (offensive line) is about 95 percent of it. You can put a couple of running backs out there, and take the O-line out of it and you’re not going to get much, I can assure you. So yeah, that’s about 95 percent of it. You have to create some things for the back. The back is not going to make eight or nine guys miss on every play. So that is the key, the front.”

“I have been associated with the program now - this is going into my seventh year in a row - and I can say that this by far the best team that they’ve had in these seven years. They’re explosive on offense, and that overshadows what they’re accomplishing defensively. They were really good in that last game defensively. If you go back and follow them throughout the season, they got better and better on defense, and they’re really playing well on defense.”

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