UNC-ECU: Larry Fedora Postgame

GREENVILLE, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Larry Fedora's postgame press conference.

Opening comments:
”We were outcoached, out played, everything. I’ll take full responsibility for it.

What was the most disappointing aspect?
“I don’t know what the most disappointing aspect was. There was a lot of disappointment. I’m not sure we executed in just about anything. It wasn’t a good plan.”

How much more difficult does it make it that you had a bye?
“It doesn’t make it any more difficult. Any way you cut it there’s nothing good about it. There’s nothing I can say that’s going to make it any better or take the edge off of it. It is what it is. We got it handed to us tonight.”

Did they do anything differently from last year?
“I don’t think they did anything differently. They stay within their scheme, and they’re going to do what they do. They’ve been doing that since they’ve been there. Seven years now it’s been the same.”

Was there a point were you started to sense things slipping away defensively?
“We didn’t stop the run. If you don’t stop the run, you allow them to be two-dimensional and it makes things really tough.”

Does something like this make you re-evaluate scheme and personnel?
“It makes you revaluate everything. It makes you revaluate who you are, who I am, who we are as a football team, but we’ll find out about who we are. We really will.”

You talked about going back to fundamentals, and that was a huge issue out there again. Is that something that can be fixed?
“I sure hope so. I believe you can. I really do.”

What’s the most important thing to fix for next week?
“You hope that their spirit isn’t broken, that’s what you need to figure out. That’ll be our test to find out who we really are, and that’s what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about physically, I’m talking about mentally, and that’s the question.”

You never thought something like this would happen, but is it even more surprising considering about all the talk about what happened last year, and not letting it happen again?
“It’s surprising whenever it happens. I can’t tell you I dreamed this would happen. It doesn’t matter; last year had nothing to do with this year, I assure you.”

What does it say about how good they are?
“I’ve said it from the very beginning. I said it going into the season I knew they were going to be really good. That quarterback is special; he’s really good. And they’re playing really good defense, so they’ve got a chance to win them all.”

Some of your players last year admitted they didn’t take this game seriously. How were they prepared differently for this game, and what did you see different this year compared to last year?
“I don’t know what to tell you there. I doubt anybody took them for granted this year. We just got outplayed.”

This is the third year in this defensive scheme and you guys are having trouble making the same mistakes.
“It’s a problem, and we have to do a better job, there’s no doubt about it. I’ve got to do a better job of coaching. It’s on me, it really is.”

What gives you hope that Vic Koenning will turn things around?
“He’s a good football coach. He’ll get it right. We’ve got a bunch of good coaches. We just got outcoached tonight…

“You have to put it behind you as quick as you can. We have another one coming up. You better learn something from this; we’ve got to go to Clemson. So I guarantee you they’re going to be frothing at the mouth. So we’ve got to get ourselves turned around and get going in the right direction.”

Is this worse than just losing a 30-24 game in terms of the impact it has on you and the players?
“Yeah, that’s probably so.”

Are you revaluating the players?
“I’m revaluating the job that I do. That’s what I’m concerned with right now. I’ve got to do a better job with the staff; I’ve got to do a better job with the players. We start from the top and work our way down.”

What will your players do tomorrow after a game like this?
“Same thing we do every Sunday. Come in, watch the tape. Lift, watch the tape, we’ll evaluate it, we’ll pick it apart, we’ll try to learn from the mistakes we made. And we’ll get ready for practice Sunday night.”

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