UNC-Clemson: Larry Fedora Postgame

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Larry Fedora's postgame press conference.

Opening comments:
“We had a bunch of guys that played hard, we gave up too many plays defensively, too many big plays. We were much better against the run, which was really good, it gave us a chance. Offensively we didn’t make enough big plays to win a football game.”

Any explanation for the penalties?
“Fifteen penalties. Atrocious. I don’t know what to tell you. Atrocious.”

What do you think the biggest issue is on the offensive side of things?
“We've got a lot of issues. We’re still working on a young offensive line, it’s a unit that is a work in progress. We got a long way to go. They aren’t the only problem, there are a lot of problems. We’ve got to get much more consistency. I thought Marquise did a really nice job under a lot of pressure and I thought he made some plays for us when we really needed to.”

What did you see from Marquise in the second half that he may not have been doing in the first half?
“The thing was, we tried to run the ball and we weren’t successful in the first half. And when we started throwing the ball and opening it up a little bit more we were able to run the ball ,which helped him out , we didn’t get quite as much pressure.”

Defensively it seemed like you maybe turned a corner there in the second quarter, stopped them on a few straight possessions. What do you think changed in the third quarter when they got it going?
“We made mistakes in the back end. Your turning people free, that’s just a mistake. A missed assignment. I’m sure that the call had them covering a person, but we didn’t execute it."

With a freshman quarterback starting for them was the intent to come in and try and make them one dimensional, stopping the run and make him beat you with his arm?
“We wanted to stop the run, and again, I thought our guys did a really good job of that, and try to make him beat us with his arm. I didn’t foresee that we would turn people loose, and he did a nice job of taking advantage of that. The kid is a good player, and he’s going to be really good.

“Two big plays in the first half, two big plays, other than that, you’ve played really good in the first half, and you give up just too many big plays.”

How would you characterize your issues in the secondary in covering the long ball, is it dire right now?
“I’m not looking at the last weeks game, I’m looking at this game, and we had too many mental mistakes to turn people lose, so whatever words you want to use.

“Like I said from the beginning, we had guys fought the whole game. We had guys that busted their rear ends the whole game. There was no lack of confidence or anything like that, these guys had plenty of fight in them, and they fought the whole way. And when we gave up a play, or didn’t make a play, or we were frustrated, they just kept fighting, and they were positive, and we made a few things happen, but we didn’t make enough happen, and you have to give them credit”

Were you happy with the effort?
“I was happy with the way they responded, and I was happy with the way they practiced all week. They came out with great energy, and practiced all week, and they came out in the game and played hard. And I really never questioned that that would happen.”

How do you fix the penalties?
“We have to go back and look at them and see why we had them, what the reason was that we had them, and get it corrected. I mean 15 penalties is ridiculous.”

Where is the confidence level at defensively for those guys?
“I don’t think there is a lack of confidence. There were too many missed assignments on the back end that gave up the big plays, but there was no lack of confidence in the game, there is no lack of confidence in that locker room right now.”

What happened on the second play of the game and how dispiriting was it after that happened last week, to have the same thing happened two plays in?
“We had a missed assignment on the back end, that’s what happened on the second play of the game. Your turn a guy, actually there were two guys running free, you could’ve thrown it to either one of them and they could’ve pitched it back and forth to each other.”

You said after the ECU game you were going to reevaluate everything, what do you look at going forward this week?
“We’ll do the same thing. Whether we win or lose, we do that every week. We evaluate everything that we do, we come in after Sunday, and Monday it’ll be first thing, what do we want to change about what we did during the week. All those things. We’ll do the same thing this week, that won’t change. We’re going to keep trying to clean up the mistakes, learn from them, and eventually, hopefully we won’t have any.”

If you had known coming in that Clemson was just going to rush for 92 yards, would you have felt that you had a pretty good shot at winning the game?
“I would have. I said if we could stop the run and make them one dimensional that we would have a good chance to win the football game. And we would’ve, but you can’t give up those big passes.”

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