Larry Fedora Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Larry Fedora said on his weekly radio program on Tuesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live show hosted by Jones Angell ...

How do you improve on the mental mistakes? Do you just keep repping them?
“That’s the only way you can. You just keep working. There’s no magic dust that we get to sprinkle over anybody. We don’t get to pick up anybody on a waiver wire or in the draft. We’ve just got to keep repping and keep doing the things we do and our guys have to pick it up.”

Marquise Williams had a nice game against a tough defensive front.
“Out of all of his throws, I don’t know how many of them he didn’t have pressure on him. He got hit just about every snap that he threw the ball. You know, he missed some throws. He missed some throws, but he extended some plays and made some plays for us that gave us a chance.”

What did you like that you saw out of Elijah Hood?
“Well, he’s getting better every week. He got a few more carries this week. He continues to be very physical when he runs the football. He still has to continue to do a better job when the ball’s not in his hands. That’s the place where he has to learn the most.”

Who are your best blockers out of the running backs group?
“I would say that probably Romar Morris and T.J. Logan are pretty close to the best pass protectors that we have right now back there.”

It appeared as though your defensive backs were face-guarding receivers down the field. How would you rather your defensive backs cover their receivers?
"It depends if the coverage is man or zone. If it's man, they are facing the receiver. Their eyes are on the receiver and they've got to play through his hands. And if the ball is underthrown, the DB really doesn't have much of a chance because the receiver is going to try to get to the ball and he's going to continue to run through him, so it's a very difficult technique."

How would you evaluate Jared Cohen’s play the past couple of games, and does his role change once Landon Turner is ready to go again?
“I’ll tell you, Kap and I are both very pleased with where Jared Cohen is as a true freshman out there. Just in playing in that atmosphere in that game against that line, he did a tremendous job. Now don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t arrived yet, but he’s handled the situation really well, and yes, his role will change once No. 78 is back full speed.”

Have you been able to stretch the field as much as you would like offensively as much as you would like this season?
“Probably not. We talk about it every week, but as soon as you start talking about pushing the ball down the field, the O-line coach starts squirming in his seat, saying, ‘You know, let’s not hold onto it very long.’ So were trying to take care of those guys up front, and make sure that we can get the ball out of Marquise’s hands, because he got hit quite a bit on some quick throws the other night. So we just need to take it very slowly right now.”

When and how you assign captains for your team?
“We don’t assign captains as far as permanent captains until after the season. We let our team then select who the leaders were on our football team. Week-to-week, it’s based on how you practice and how you perform in a game, so when we evaluate every game tape, we talk about who really played well. The offensive staff picks the offensive captain, the defensive staff picked the defensive captain, and our special teams coordinator picks the special teams captain.

“At the end of the season, the players pick the permanent captain…I started out doing it like most people doing it, but one of our captains broke his leg and never traveled, and we lost one of our leaders. We just felt like in the future it was better to do it the way we do it, and then pick the permanent captain at the end.”

Would you ever slow your offensive pace to try and stay on the field longer if your defense was struggling?
“Sure. Yeah, I would. There have been times that we’ve done that, actually. But you still have to move the chains, if you don’t move the chains, three plays is still plays, so the key is making sure you’re moving the chains. If you move the chains, you can control the tempo, if you don’t, then you can’t. So for us to be able to help out the defense, you need to move the chains.”

Why is Virginia Tech’s defense consistently good?
“Bud Foster is one of the best out there. Year in and year out, you look at the national stats, his defense is always going to be up there. He does a great job; he’s evolved with it over time. They’re a big press-you-up at the receivers and play man coverage and outnumber you in the box, and other than Georgia Tech with what they do offensively, I don’t think anybody has rushed for over 100 yards against them yet.”

They are going to the air more than usual this year with Michael Brewer at quarterback.
“They are. He’s doing a nice job for them. They’ve got some big receivers. They’ve got some very big receivers. In fact, No. 7, I can’t remember what his name is, he reminds me a lot of [Eric] Ebron; he’s a big, physical and very athletic kid. They’ve really got two very nice tight ends, and they’re big on the outside also, so he’s doing a very nice job spreading the ball around.”

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