Interview with Marcus Hamilton

Inside Carolina interviews Marcus Hamilton, speedy cornerback from Virginia

Marcus Hamilton
Centreville High School, Clifton, Virginia
Height: 6-1
Weight: 175
40-time: 4.5
Tackles: 41
Ints: 2

Marcus told us that he missed approximately 1/3 of the season last year due to injury. He also said his HS won the state championships last year.

Favorite Schools: UGA and NCST lead Va, Syr, and Pitt. He told us Carolina is currently in 6th place.

Recruiting the hardest: UVA

Inside Carolina – How often are you hearing from UVA?

Marcus Hamilton – I usually get something everyday from them.

Inside Carolina  – How about your two favorites NCST and UGA?

Marcus Hamilton – About three or four times a week

Inside Carolina  – How often are you hearing from Carolina?

Marcus Hamilton – Maybe a little less, about three times a week.

Inside Carolina  – What is it you like about UGA and NCST?

Marcus Hamilton – Well, UGA was my favorite school growing up. The coaches at NCST really latched on to me when I was down there.

Inside Carolina  – Have you set up any official visits?

Marcus Hamilton – No, not yet.

Inside Carolina  – What are your favorite schools saying to you that you like?

Marcus Hamilton – Mainly saying that I have a chance at early playing time. I would really like to find a school where I do not have to redshirt. Also teams like Virginia relly latch on to me as a player.

Inside Carolina – What do you mean by "latching on"?

Marcus Hamilton – I like it when teams take the time to hand-write letters and do little things that show that they are interested in me as an individual.

Inside Carolina  – How does Carolina do in this respect?

Marcus Hamilton – They could do a better job of taking the time to show that they are interested in me. Some of their material is a little too formal and not personal enough. Its important for me to know that a team really wants me as a player and one way they show that is by doing the little things.

Inside Carolina – Is there anything you do not like to hear when someone is recruiting you?

Marcus Hamilton – I really don't like it when one school talks bad about another school.

Inside Carolina  – Have you been to Chapel Hill?

Marcus Hamilton – Yes, my father and I visited there over spring break.

Inside Carolina  – Did you have the opportunity to meet the new staff?

Marcus Hamilton – Yes, I met Coach Powell, Coach Tenuta, And Coach Bunting.

Inside Carolina  – Which teams do most people pull for in your area?

Marcus Hamilton – Mainly VATech and UVA some.

Inside Carolina  – I noticed Vatech is not on your list of favorites, how come?

Marcus Hamilton – I don't know, they seem to get a lot of DBs there.

Inside Carolina – Who are your favorite football players?

Marcus Hamilton – I like Deion Sanders and Fred Smoot.

Inside Carolina  – Who do you think you play like?

Marcus Hamilton – I think I play like Deion except I like to come up and make tackles.

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