Visit Confirms Dozier's Tar Heel Impressions

P.J. Dozier didn’t go into his UNC official visit looking to discover new things about the Tar Heels. He went into it looking to confirm what he already knew.

He already knew UNC fans had passion for their program, having visited for a game during the 2012-13 season. Attending “Late Night with Roy” on Friday confirmed that passion.

“It was very impressive to have that many people show up for that type of event,” Perry Dozier Sr., his father, said. “Very, very impressive. The fans hollered out and showed how enthused they are with the fellows and girls teams. If you don’t like North Carolina’s atmosphere, you don’t like basketball.”

During the event, Dozier Sr. said he and his family enjoyed the skits and dancing the UNC players did prior to its 20-minute scrimmage.

“I was just visualizing him out there doing that stuff,” he said. “He can dance pretty well. We were just cracking up and trying to visualize if we were to come in how he’d be a part of it.”

Dozier already knew what an in-season practice at North Carolina was like. He took in one of the Tar Heels’ practice sessions last fall. Watching UNC’s first practice of 2014 confirmed how talented this year’s team is.

“It’s always neat to watch a college practice because it reminds us a lot of how we do things,” Dozier Sr. said. “Just by watching them go through their practices and see what each kid was doing we can look and see where he would fit or how he would fit in.”

Dozier’s father graduated from South Carolina in the 1980s and his sister will earn a degree from the school in two years. North Carolina’s academic reputation is another reason the Doziers are interested in the school. Meeting with tutors and academic counselors confirmed the education he’d receive at UNC.

“We talked to the academic support people on Friday after we arrived, and that’s really important to us,” explained Dozier Sr. “We discussed where he was academically and what he’d need to do if he came there. We also talked about the things he might major in, it was good.”

In his years on the AAU circuit, Dozier got to know several of UNC’s players. He has good with relationships with the two players who served as his hosts, Brice Johnson and Theo Pinson. He knew he’d get along with many players on the Tar Heels, but going out and hanging with this year’s Tar Heels confirmed it.

“One of the main reasons we’re taking these visits is to see how P.J. interacts with each school’s players,” said Dozier Sr. “He went out with them and he said he liked them very much.”

Prior to the visit, Dozier understood how successful Roy Williams has been during his entire coaching career. A visit to his Chapel Hill home confirmed it.

“We were calling it a museum of all the things he’s done,” Dozier Sr. said with a laugh. “It was pretty impressive. It was also an opportunity for us to be around the rest of the coaching staff, that was cool too. I think P.J. gelled with them as well.”

The conversations with Williams and his staff were similar to the ones Dozier had during his unofficial and in-home visits.

“We sat down and talked about P.J. being a part of the program,” Dozier Sr. said. “It wasn’t much new that we heard. The biggest thing was being able to be around the players and get to know them a little better. We wanted to be around the coaching staff and get to know their families. We wanted to see how it would be if P.J. was away from home, see how the players were being treated.”

Dozier’s visit to Chapel Hill was his second official visit. He still has trips to Georgetown, South Carolina and Louisville scheduled.

Prior to this past weekend, Dozier knew he liked North Carolina. His official visit confirmed it.

“North Carolina did a good job in showing where he’d be a part of the program,” said Dozier Sr. “The fans are just amazing with how they treat the players and coaches. It was a good visit and he came away feeling pretty good about it. UNC improved its chances, most definitely.”

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