Sweet's Special Request

North Carolina pledge William Sweet is a forward thinker. Thus, his special request for his UNC official visit shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Sweet, a 6-foot-5, 277-pound offensive tackle from Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast, requested a meeting with Bubba Cunningham, UNC’s athletic director.

“After I get done playing ball, I want to come back and become an athletic director,” Sweet said. “I know I’m not going to jump right into it, because it’s one of those jobs that you have to progress toward. But I want to know how I get my foot into the door.”

UNC and Cunningham honored Sweet’s request this past weekend.

“That was interesting,” Sweet said. “I’m glad I got a chance to meet with him. He’s a really good person. He just talked to me about the route that he took. He actually got his master’s [degree] in what I want to go into, which is human resources… I was asking him how he got started and what made him do some things. He told me he’d take me under his wing and mentor me.”

Sweet is a four-star prospect, but he’s also a member of the National Honors Society.

“I just always have to think a step ahead,” Sweet said. “The what ifs, the what nots. The Plan As, the Plan Bs. What if Plan B doesn’t work, then what am I going to do? It gives me a piece of mind of where I want to go. And now it’s up to me on how I’m going to do it.”

Sweet’s official visit also included his first UNC football game. He watched the Tar Heels drop their third game of the season to Virginia Tech.

“The atmosphere was great,” Sweet said. “The fans were very supportive – even when things weren’t looking too good. I like the fans – no matter what the score, they’re going to support their team. That’s important to me.”

Sophomore Joe Jackson, who graduated from First Coast, served as Sweet’s host for the weekend.

“It was a good time,” Sweet said. “It’s always good to be with someone who’s going to keep it real with you, shoot you straight. He was very honest with me and that’s what I need – I don’t need somebody that’s telling me something but it’s going to be totally different when you get here. He loves it.”

When Sweet wasn’t with Jackson, he was usually with Dan Disch, his primary recruiter.

“Coach Disch is a good guy,” Sweet said. “He’s a real honest guy. It’s been cool spending so much time with him. It’s been a blast. I had a good time [with him].”

Sweet also had a meeting with Chris Kapilovic, UNC’s offensive line coach.

“He just talked about leading my team and finishing my senior year strong and enjoying every bit of that and worrying about everything here later,” Sweet said. “He said to stay strong, because it’s a process. We just have to get the right guys in to help get this thing rolling.”

Sweet’s stay concluded by meeting with Larry Fedora. The meeting essentially served as an opportunity for his parents, who accompanied him on the trip, to ask their questions.

This past weekend only solidified Sweet’s feelings towards UNC.

“I love it at North Carolina,” Sweet said. “I didn’t want to go home.”

Regardless, Sweet still plans to finish taking all five of his official visits. Nothing is set in stone, but he’s working on dates with LSU, Michigan, and Tennessee.

“I just want to take advantage of the process and see some of my former teammates and kind of kick it with them for a little bit,” Sweet said.

Sweet said that the UNC staff and Tar Heel fans need not worry. Case in point: Sweet officially visited Missouri a couple of weekends back and that school is no longer under consideration.

Although he’s an early enrollee, Sweet has yet to sign his Athletic Scholarship Agreement.

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