Pollard Evaluates UNC

Lineman Sean Pollard achieved his objectives during a visit to North Carolina a couple of weekends back.

“I saw what I needed to see, basically,” Pollard said. “Even though they lost, I could tell they need a little bit of help on the O-line and that’s why they’re recruiting me so hard. They want to get some depth at the position.”

Pollard, a 6-foot-4, 285-pound offensive guard from Southern Pines (N.C.) Pinecrest, attended UNC’s loss to Virginia Tech, but left at halftime when he began to feel ill.

Heading into the trip, Pollard was looking to experience the game day atmosphere of Kenan Stadium. He attended a UNC game a couple of years ago as a fan, but wanted to evaluate the situation more thoroughly.

“You get treated, obviously, a little bit better [as a recruit],” Pollard said with laugh. “Your seats are right close to the field. You also get to watch them warm-up on the field. It was very up-close and personal.”

Pollard also hoped to speak to Larry Fedora during his stay. Pollard had previously met one-on-one with Fedora during a junior day visit. Prior to the kickoff of the UNC-VT game, the staff fulfilled Pollard’s request.

“He just basically told me how much they wanted me,” Pollard said. “Other than that, we just talked about how my season was going and what my plans are and what my goals are.”

During a half of football, Pollard was able to evaluate UNC’s offensive line.

“I’m not going to look bad on them just because they were hurt and had to play people that were young,” Pollard said. “Some of those guys probably weren’t ready. That’s not going to deter me. I just wanted to see what Coach Kap [Chris Kapilovic] is able to do with younger players and he’s doing a pretty good job.”

Besides UNC, Pollard has attended games at Clemson, Duke, and Wake Forest this season. He’ll return to Duke this weekend and will attend an NC State game later in the season.

“I don’t really want to travel too far during the football season,” Pollard said. “South Carolina is about as far as I’m going and maybe Tennessee… I don’t have the time to fly anywhere [during the football season], because we do so much with my football team. It’s all about Pinecrest football for me.”

With that said, Pollard is open to schools outside of a reasonable driving distance, but he won’t visit those schools until after the season.

Pollard still isn’t ready to publicly reveal which schools he’s favoring.

“Obviously, everybody has their schools that stick out, but I just keep that stuff private,” Pollard said. “I just want to keep it between me and my dad, because once you start saying anything like that you get people assuming where you’re going. I don’t want to bother with that.”

Case in point: a couple of months ago when Pollard announced he was ready to make a verbal commitment, rumors began to circulate that he would select Duke. He shot down those rumors.

“I didn’t tell anyone where I was going to make the decision,” Pollard said. “But I just decided to wait.

“I thought I was [ready]. But I prayed on it and decided that I was young and didn’t need to rush it.”

Pollard is now eying a summer decision.

Although he won’t reveal his favorites, Pollard had nothing but positive things to say about UNC on the heels of his most recent visit.

“I just have good feelings,” Pollard said. “I can’t really say anything bad about them. They’re improving. They’re having a rebuild year. They don’t really have many seniors. So I think they’re going to be pretty good. And I think the O-line is going to be better next year.”

Sean Pollard

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