Interview with Aaron Kirkland

Inside Carolina interviews one of the best tight end/defensive end recruits in the nation, Aaron Kirkland.

Inside Carolina interviewed Jack Britt HS standout TE/DE Aaron Kirkland. A couple of things to know about Aaron that you may not have known: (1) Aaron plays TE and DE in HS. Aaron says that all colleges are recruiting him as a TE. (2) Aaron prefers to play DE. Coach Caldwell is recruiting Aaron for UNC. Aaron provides the following information:

Age: 1
Height: 6-5
Weight: 250
40-time: 4.8
BP: 330
Catches: 8 for 110 yards
TDs: 0
Tackles: 76
Sacks: 7

Current Favorites (order mentioned) UNC, FSU, TN, Clemson (all have offered)

Inside Carolina – Who is recruiting you the hardest?

Aaron Kirkland - TN and UNC

Inside Carolina – Who is recruiting you from these schools?

Aaron Kirkland – Dan Brooks from TN and Coach Caldwell from UNC.

Inside Carolina – How often are do you receive mail from TN and UNC?

Aaron Kirkland  – I get mail from both schools every day.

Inside Carolina– How many schools have you visited (unofficially)?

Aaron Kirkland  – So far just TN and UNC.

Inside Carolina – Did you like one visit more than the other?

Aaron Kirkland  – No, I liked them about the same.

Inside Carolina– Any official visits lined up yet?

Aaron Kirkland  – No, not yet. I will probably talk to my HS coach about it tomorrow.

Inside Carolina– What is the most important thing you consider when selecting a school?

Aaron Kirkland  – Getting a good education and getting along with the players.

Inside Carolina – What do you like most about Carolina?

Aaron Kirkland  – I really like Coach Bunting. I think he is bringing a new attitude to Carolina.

Inside Carolina – Is there anything you do not like?

Aaron Kirkland  – No, not at all.

Inside Carolina – Did you watch the Carolina/ Oklahoma game?

Aaron Kirkland – Yes I did.

Inside Carolina – What are your thoughts as far as the way Carolina played?

Aaron Kirkland – I was really impressed by the way they hung in there. I felt that they showed lots of heart in making their comeback.

Inside Carolina – Who does the best job of recruiting you?

Aaron Kirkland  – Everybody does a great job of recruiting me. They are always buttering me up by saying nice things to me. As I get ready to hang up the phone they will say something like "think blue" or "think orange".

Inside Carolina – It must get pretty overwhelming for you. Do you wish there were anything about recruiting that you can change?

Aaron Kirkland  – No, not really. I was just surprised by how much attention I'm getting. I figured maybe one or two schools would offer but the response has been much more than I expected. I never realized that I would turn out to be such a big commodity.

Inside Carolina – Has your mother given you any advice about choosing a college?

Aaron Kirkland  – No, not really. She has given me a book put out by the NCAA for HS athletes that has a list of questions to ask colleges when you are being recruited.

Inside Carolina – How about your coach? Has he given you any advice?

Aaron Kirkland  – No. He just says let me know where you decide to go. He pretty much leaves it up to me.

Inside Carolina– Who is the best HS player you have ever seen or played against?

Aaron Kirkland – Probably Dontrae Brown who plays for Fayetteville Byrd.

Inside Carolina – You play for Jack Britt HS now but you had played for Fayetteville Byrd in the past. Is that correct?

Aaron Kirkland  – Yes, I played for Byrd my sophomore year and transferred over to Britt last year.

Inside Carolina – Was it difficult playing on a new football team at a new HS?

Aaron Kirkland  – It was tough because all the players had played at different HS the year before so everyone had a different idea about what we were supposed to do. They would say something like "last year we did so and so" but this year it has been different. Now our former teams are "they".

Inside Carolina – Did you play Byrd last year?

Aaron Kirkland – Yes we played then last year.

Inside Carolina – That must have felt strange for you seeing your former teammates on the other side of the field.

Aaron Kirkland – I was really excited playing against them. I wanted to show them what I could do.

Inside Carolina – Did you have a big game that night?

Aaron Kirkland  – Yes I did. I got a couple of sacks that night.

Inside Carolina – I bet it was difficult to not do a little talking on the field that night.

Aaron Kirkland – No. I let my play do the talking for me.

Inside Carolina – What are your goals for this year?

Aaron Kirkland  – To do well in school and on the field. Graduate and go on to college.

Inside Carolina – When do you think you might decide?

Aaron Kirkland  – I don't know. I think after three or four games into the season or I might wait until after all my visits. Everyone has done such a good job recruiting me that I am a little confused. Hopefully I can sort it all out.

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