Five-Star TE Set to Return to UNC

Chris Clark’s Michigan verbal commitment caused the five-star tight end to cancel a planned summer trip to North Carolina. However, it didn’t disrupt communication between him and the UNC staff. With Brady Hoke on the hot seat, Clark’s relationship with Seth Littrell has led him to tentatively schedule a UNC official visit.

“I’m just trying to get some other options in case the coaches I have a really good relationship with at Michigan end up going,” the 6-foot-6, 247-pounder said. “And then I’ll just have other options.”

If Avon (Conn.) Old Farms School doesn’t qualify for a postseason game, Clark will officially visit UNC the weekend of Nov. 15. The Tar Heels host Pittsburgh that Saturday.

If Avon Old Farms does qualify for a postseason game, Clark will postpone his UNC official visit until either December or January. He had planned to use Thanksgiving weekend as his alternate weekend, but instead scheduled an official visit to Southern Cal that weekend.

In addition to UNC and USC, Clark has an official visit scheduled with Texas for Dec. 6. Those are his three definite official trips, but he has also discussed dates with South Carolina. He’s also holding a slot for Michigan.

“I’m just waiting to see what happens with the [Michigan] coaches,” Clark said. “I want to see what new coach they get – if they get a new coach. I just really like my tight end coach at Michigan, Coach [Dan] Ferrigno. He’s been with Coach Hoke for a while. If Coach Hoke goes, then he’s going to go, too.”

Clark says his relationship with Littrell, UNC’s offensive coordinator and tight end coach, is among his strongest – if not his strongest. He says that relationship more closely resembles that of friends rather than player-coach.

“I have a great relationship with him – he’s a really good guy,” Clark said. “I like him a lot. We relate to each other pretty well. We’re just similar guys.

“I just think he’s an awesome coach, too, in terms of offensively. His scheme is something that I think knows how to use tight ends well. I think having the opportunity to be coached by him would be [great], because he knows how to develop tight ends.”

Clark hasn’t visited UNC since a March unofficial trip prompted him to unexpectedly commit to the Tar Heels.

“I guess [during my official visit] I just want to spent time with the players,” Clark said. “I didn’t get a chance to meet many of the guys last time. And really I just want a chance to get back on the campus. If I get to go to a game, I want to see the atmosphere of the game. Both my parents are going to come, so they’ll have a chance to check out everything.”

Although he has yet to see UNC play in person, Clark has caught a few of UNC’s games on TV.

“I got to watch the Notre Dame game, which I was pretty impressed by,” Clark said. “This past weekend they kind of laid an egg and get beat up a little bit. But I think this situation they aren’t doing so well in terms of wins and loses, but I definitely think they’re making a lot of progress. They have a lot of young guys. I think the offense has continued to get a lot better – the same with the defense – as these players get older and more mature. I think the future is pretty bright for the program.”

With all of Avon Old Farms’ games on Saturdays, Clark hasn’t been able to attend any college football games this football season.

The prep school league doesn’t have a traditional playoff bracket. Instead, its season concludes with three bowl-like games on Nov. 15. If Old Farms, which is 5-2, defeats 2-5 Exeter (N.H.) Phillips Exeter Academy on Saturday, it has a great chance of playing in one of those three games – and thus, his UNC official will be postponed.

Clark sat out the past two games with a concussion, but is slated to return this Saturday for the regular season finale. In five games, he has eight touchdowns and over 500 yards in receptions.

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