Roy Williams Makes Final Pitch to Dozier

Roy Williams made his final recruiting pitch to P.J. Dozier on Wednesday.

It was a familiar message. He highlighted North Carolina’s program, its tradition, its coaching staff and why the 6-6 guard would be a good fit in Chapel Hill.

Williams traveled to Columbia (S.C.) Spring Valley on Wednesday to meet with Dozier and his family. He watched the Vikings’ entire practice before talking with the Doziers.

“He just told us how he can help P.J. and how P.J. can help the program,” Perry Dozier Sr. said. “He’s just such a humble guy and he’s such a father figure for all of us, he’s a super guy. We got a chance to talk about all the stuff that they’re going through and I told him, ‘We’re trusting you and we believe everything is going to be fine.’”

As it has been since the fall of 2012, UNC is recruiting Dozier as a combo guard. To better understand what that means, Dozier Sr. said you have to understand its true definition.

“A combo is not a bad thing depending on what’s the majority of the combo, if that makes sense,” he said. “To be one isn’t a bad thing. A lot of the programs play with two point guards and they call it a combo. That just means they can jump from one side to the other. P.J. is pretty versatile; he can do a little bit of everything.”

The Doziers have looked at the depth charts of each of his finalists. While a factor, the possibility of transfers and departures to the NBA make them less important.

“A lot of it is so touch and go… just because those guys are there now doesn’t mean they’re going to be there next year when P.J. gets there,” said Dozier Sr. “A couple of schools we’re looking at, they have guys possibly going to the league. North Carolina has the same situation; we just don’t know who is going to be at any of the schools when P.J. arrives. Our primary thought is, no matter who is there, where is he going to fit in? It’s not who is there now or who is coming – we’re trying to figure the other tools that will be around him.”

He added : “A couple of schools feel he’ll get the ball as soon as he gets there. But their situation is different. A couple of schools said ‘You have the opportunity to play, you have to prove yourself, but there is a chance to make an impact right away.’ Some are saying ‘ Hey man, we’re ready for you right now.’”

Dozier has taken official visits to his five finalists – Michigan, UNC, Georgetown, South Carolina and Louisville. Georgetown and Michigan were in Columbia earlier this week. South Carolina is coming either Thursday or Friday, while Louisville hasn’t scheduled a date.

Fans, Dozier Sr. says, shouldn’t read too much into Louisville not stopping by a final time.

“They inquired and said ‘Do you think it’s necessary to come?’ I left it up to them,” he explained. “That’s up to them. All coaches should feel the same way right now, because they all have a chance.”

In a recruitment where a public favorite has never been announced, rumors of who’s leading and who’s fading can vary from day to day, and hour to hour. The Doziers aren’t concerned with the noise.

“I can see how people may not understand how he hasn’t made a decision, but you have to be in this position,” Dozier Sr. said. “He has picked five great schools and he thought it would be easy to decide after he got back from his visits. He realized they all gave him a great opportunity and he’s just looking for that gut feeling. He hasn’t distinguished one from the other yet.”

He continued: “We don’t know what he wants to do yet. We’re trying to help him the best way we can. People can say it all they want, but he’s not trying to drag it on any longer, he’s just trying to figure out the best move for him.”

Whether or not that school is North Carolina, the family will leave the recruiting process with strong feelings for the Tar Heels and Williams.

“He seemed confident (during the meeting) and he should be in what he’s done,” Dozier Sr. said. “He did the best he can to recruit P.J. and the family. He’s done a fantastic job. The bottom line is, I tell everybody, it’s just going to come down to where P.J.’s comfortable and ready to go. We’re anxious as a family to see where he’s going to decide to go.”

That decision is expected after some long family conversations this weekend. More than likely, it will be announced on Nov. 12 – the first day of the Fall Signing Period.

“All these schools are offering him a great opportunity,” said Dozier Sr. “He’s got to figure out the best place for him to fit in at. North Carolina has surely done a fantastic job of proving he can fit in there.”

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