ESPN takes a close look at Doherty's first year

Andy Katz of interviewed Matt Doherty on a variety of topics. It's a very thorough, and interesting, read. Here are some excerpts:

"The way I look at it is they (college coaches) are afraid of us (at North Carolina), or they're jealous," Doherty said. "If they're going to spend time tearing us down, then we must be doing something good. Then we must have a good product to sell. You're very visible (at UNC) and people are always taking shots at you and that's the biggest thing I've had to adjust to in this recruiting process."

"This [2002] recruiting class is going to be very critical for us," Doherty said. "There isn't great size in this class, but at least most aren't going pro. There are more power forwards and that's the way the game is going anyway. We have good young guards in our program, but we need size to rebound and run the floor. I want to recruit people who can pass, handle and shoot. I want guys who can make plays and who can shoot the basketball."

LINK: Doherty defends style for greater good of UNC

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