Larry Fedora Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Larry Fedora said on his weekly radio program on Tuesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Have you made any defensive adjustments for Pittsburgh?
“We have. There are some adjustments that have been made especially going into this week against Pitt and what they do.”

On getting back on the field after Miami loss:
“I think are guys are very anxious to get back on the field. And to be able to do it in front of our home crowd in our home stadium, they’re excited about it.”

On recruiting over the weekend:
“Our entire staff was out on Friday. Some of the guys were out Saturday and we were back in on Sunday for practice.”

On the small difference between winning and losing big games:
“I’m sure a lot of people watched the Auburn versus Texas A&M game and they had two fumbles in the last four snaps that was the difference in the game. And you had some kicking game miscues in the LSU-Alabama game in there at the end. And it doesn’t matter who you are, it still comes down to the little things that are going to make the difference in the game.”

On Mitch Trubisky in practice:
“We tried to give Marquise some rest as much as we could during the open week and got more reps with Mitch and Kanler [Coker] and Caleb Henderson. Mitch really showed that he has a really good grasp of what we’re doing with the offense and did a really nice job this past week.”

On Butler High School quarterback Anthony Ratliff-Williams:
“Very athletic quarterback, kid that can really run, he can throw it, he’s a tremendous leader on his team. He’s won as a starter; he’s won a state championship. They’re planning on winning it this year. They’re going into the first round this next week. He’s really done a nice job for us at camps and if you get a chance to see him on film or watch him play, he’s a heck of a player.”

On the four-year scholarship agreement with student-athletes:
“I like it. I haven’t had a kid walk away at this point. I think it’s a good thing, it gives the kid some assurance that the school is committed to me and I got some scholarship there and so I think it’s good for them, and it gives their parents some reassurance also.”

Do you think college football should have an early signing period?
“I do. I wish we would’ve done it ten years ago. I’ve been coaching for 27 years and I remember at the very first coaching convention I went to them raising the subject back then. It’s been talked about ever since, and every time they vote on it, all the coaches are for it. But there’s something out there that won’t allow it to happen.”

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