Justin Jackson Interview

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Freshman Justin Jackson conducted his first interview as a Tar Heel following Friday's season opener.

What's it been like for you coming onto campus and making a splash as a freshman?

"I just try to have fun with it. I try to play my game, and whatever I need to do to help the team win is what I try to do. I try not to pay attention to all the other stuff out there."

Nervous at all tonight?

"A little bit. I wouldn't say I was extremely nervous, but obviously first game that really counts, I was a little nervous. But once I got out there and started playing I was fine. ... Once they threw the ball up, everything up until then I was kind of nervous.

How would you describe the chemistry of this team?

"It's a lot closer than I thought we would be. Off the court we love being with each other ... on the court we keep getting better. We've got so many guys that can play this game, we can go so deep, but yet we never lose it."

You made lots of visits here, what's it like to finally be here?

"Surreal. It's definitely a blessing, that's for sure. To finally step out there - I remember a year ago I was sitting on the baseline watching the games so it's definitely surreal. I just try to enjoy every moment of it."

What did you think about getting the starting spot right away from the first exhibition game?

"I was excited. But when I came in I was working to get that spot, but was just trying to get better every day and what Coach decided to do, he decided to do. ... I figured playing with guys like Marcus, Brice, Kennedy - I'd get my shots. So my mindset is just to take advantage of everything I can get"

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