Joel Berry Interview

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Dean Smith freshman interview rule is still in effect, so reporters had to wait until after Friday's season opener to get a chance to talk to Joel Berry for the first time since he arrived at UNC.

Were you surprised at all about how easily you and the rest of the freshmen fit right in with this team?

"It's not a surprise at all. The guys that were already on the team are a great group of guys. They just wanted us to come in and play the game they know we know how to play. It was a great feeling to be out there with them tonight and I'm looking forward to more games."

Did the exhibition games help get out some of the jitters?

"It did, because I've never played in front of a crowd like that. It was good to be able to have those two games under my belt. I still got some jitters, with it being my first college game. I was able to get it out of the way."

Past point guards at UNC have talked about the difficulty of learning the point guard position. How's that transition and learning process gone for you so far?

"I'm catching on pretty fast. Freshman year is always a hard year here for the point guards because you have to learn so much and you have so many responsibilities and now you have to be a true point guard. I'm just trying to keep my ears open and listen to what Marcus, Nate, Coach Rob and Coach Williams have to say to me ... Just getting accustomed to always pushing the ball, always playing hard, never taking a play off and having the guard the ball up and down the court against guys that are as fast as I am - those are probably the hardest things but I'm adjusting to it."

How's it been so far being on campus - has it met your expectations?

"Yes it has. Everyone here is welcoming. The school is great. The group of guys are great. I just love it here -- even though the cold weather is kind of getting to me. Other than that I just love it here."

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