Theo Pinson Interview

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Theo Pinson got the start in his first college game on Friday, and afterward gave his first interview as a Tar Heel.

What was your reaction to getting to start your first college game?

"It was a special moment, most definitely. You're a freshman starting your first regular season game, it was an honor. But I'm glad we won ... "

That first dunk early on tonight that you had, how'd that impact you?

"That slowed the game down. I got out in the open floor ... and it slowed everything down. The game came easy after that."

What's your experience been like since you arrived on campus in June?

"The thing about this team, as soon as the freshmen got on campus it felt like a family. The first three weeks we got here we went to the movies as a team five times. That's why I feel like we're going to be so special because we get along so well ... it's going to be a great year."

You've been committed for awhile and waiting for this - how's it met your expectations?

"I've been looking forward to it for so long. Just ready to play basketball against good competition every night, on TV, that type of stuff."

What was the adjustment like getting used to Roy Williams practices?

"Practice is rough. Practice gets you ready for the game. He hasn't told us anything that didn't happen tonight. So you can't do nothing but listen. He's not doing anything but trying to help you. He'll get on you, but that's what coaches do."

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