UNC-RMU: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Robert Morris.

Opening comments:
“I thought we were much more active defensively tonight than we were Friday night; that seems like a long time ago. I think we turned those turnovers or those missed shots into the break. I thought we also executed much better against their zone, we moved it better tonight. Our big guys can pass the ball, and we’ve done a nice job of that in practice. We didn’t do it on Friday night, but I thought we did tonight. We’re more gifted than Robert Morris, but I was pleased with our effort. I thought I should be pleased with our attentiveness. I think the biggest thing is early in the game we dominated the boards, and if you’re not a good shooting team, you better go get your misses. We’ve had great teams that didn’t mind playing against the zone and people who wouldn’t play zone against us because we moved the ball so well and did such a great job on the offensive back boards. That’s what we have to do if we’re not shooting it as well as I would like us to. It was fun to see Marcus make a couple of them there; he missed his last couple. I think Brice and Kennedy and their passing early in the game was huge for us, and their work on the offensive boards. We can get better and I think we need to do that. We’ll give them tomorrow off, and then have a good practice on Tuesday, a light practice on Wednesday and then really get after it Thursday and Friday and try to get better.”

On J.P. Tokoto’s 10 assists:
“He should’ve had 15 if guys could make layups. I told those guys they should apologize to him. He was sensational passing the ball. He’s really a good passer, period. He’s got good size and he looks over the defense. I think I can say this, in the two exhibition games he had 14 assists and one turnover, and the other night he was four (assists) and three (turnovers) and then 10-1 tonight. He is really a good passer. I told him I don’t want him to think he’s the assist man now only, because he is one of the best offensive rebounders I’ve ever coached and he got zero offensive rebounds tonight. We’ve got to get him going to the boards, but he’s had a really good preseason for us.”

Did you see Kennedy and Brice step up the way you wanted?
“I think they did. What we’ve got to do is see that over the course of a season. I thought last year those guys had some really good games every now and then, but it’s got to be on a consistent basis like Tyler Zeller, John Henson, Tyler Hansbrough, Sean May - those guys give it to you every night.”

On any good zone teams that struggled to shoot the ball that he could remember:
“No, we were fortunate we had really good shooting teams. Probably in 1990, I think, we averaged 92 a game and shot over 50 percent from the floor and people couldn’t guard us because we had all guys that could pass and shoot. That was a lot of fun; I just kind of sat over there and clapped. Bu this could be the best offensive rebounding team I’ve ever coached. Now we have to do it. We don’t get any points for me just saying it.”

Can you talk about the freshman for Robert Morris, Marcquise Reed?
“He was sensational. He had 15 at half. He drove the ball to the basket and made the jump shot from the baseline on the left side. He ought to feel awfully good about it, and his coaching staff probably feels even better than he does. I think we caught Lucky Jones on a night where it was fortune for us. The guy’s has 1,200 points or something like that in his career as a senior. At halftime he hadn’t even taken a shot. But he got in foul trouble and eventually fouled out. They’re going to get better and better and better, but if you have a freshman going on the road going 10-of-15 in the first game, it’s pretty impressive. First road game, I’m sorry.”

On the key to his team’s offensive rebounding:
“It’s going there. If you run in there sometimes the ball falls in your lap. I was yelling at Theo one time because he stopped about 15 feet away and there was a wide open hole in there and he stood there and the ball came to the wide open hole and they picked it up. But I’ve said all year in every practice that part of our zone offense, particularly, has to be got to be our offensive rebounding and we did have that in the first half.”

On what was open offensively against RMU’s zone:
“I think the middle was going to be open because they did spread it out, trying to get pressure on the outside around the ACC logo. We talked about it and showed it to them on tape and think that is, against most zones, an area you can go. If they play a 2-1-2 and they play a guy in the middle, you get a little bit less of that. Every time you try and extend the zone, you need to try and get the ball there.”

How do you feel going into the Bahamas next week after tonight’s performance?
“Hopefully we’ll pass the ball like that when we get down there, but we have to play one more game before we get there. I’ excited about getting down there. Great, great field and great place. And one of my favorite places in the world, especially if we play well.”

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