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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes a transcription of head coach Larry Fedora's conversation with the media.

Opening comments:
“This team is excited and anxious to get back on the field, especially for this next one which will be our last home game and an opportunity for our seniors to go out in this stadium and send them out the right way. Our guys will do a great job of preparation this week and hopefully we will do that.”

On the paint mishap in Duke’s visiting locker room following UNC’s win on Thursday:
“I don’t know whether it was one or two, but I was made aware of it on Friday morning. And I called David [Cutcliffe] to apologize. Obviously the celebration got out of hand, and I wish it wouldn’t have, but it did.”

Are any players going to be disciplined for that?

On the reasons for the season turnaround late:
“A lot like last year, I thought our coaching staff did a tremendous job of keeping our guys together. There was never any finger pointing or any guys that were blaming anybody. I think our seniors did a really good job of staying together and keeping the team together. And basically we just kept playing and eventually started making some plays. And again you had some young guys out there that have grown up and helped the football team, and I think it’s very similar.”

Is there any thing you are doing differently now compared to the beginning of the year?
“We’re much better up front in the offensive line than we were in the beginning of the year. I think if you look, when we’ve had our five healthy guys out there we’ve moved the ball pretty consistently and done a nice job. I think our D-line is also growing up. They’re starting to play better. If you can take anything away from this game Thursday night, those two positions alone played very well. If we can continue that way then we’ll be a very good football team.”

Is it tough playing back-to-back rivalry games?
“I don’t know. I haven’t done it. I’m fixing to find out. Our guys were ready to play on Thursday night, and I’m going to expect them to be ready to play at 12:30 on Saturday. I’m hoping they’re ready to go.”

Did a few extra days pff help?
“Yeah. We needed a little bit of rest because we played Saturday before and turned right around to play Thursday. We needed the extra days just to give those guys and their bodies a little bit of rest, because it was a physical game.”

What’s been the difference with T.J. Logan lately?
“If you go back and look, that’s kind of the way it happened last year too, as he became more comfortable. I don’t think there’s a whole lot different with T.J., I really don’t. I think you’re seeing more holes opened up, you’re seeing more opportunities for the next level. And when he gets to the next level then that’s when he makes his plays.”

On Marquise’s comments that UNC played like they should have all season against Duke:
“I think some of it was youth. I think as things happened in the season, I don’t know if it’s confidence? Because I felt like the guys had confidence, but it was fragile early in the year for whatever reason. And we didn’t do a great job of overcoming the problems that we had or that we created for ourselves. And I think, as you’ve seen in this stretch, our guys have done a much better job of playing and not worrying about things, and believing that no matter what the situation is, if we just keep playing something good will happen, and we’ll pull a game out. We’ve come from behind now quite a few times in games this year, and I think that has helped their confidence too.”

What jumps out at you with what N.C. State does on film?
“Jacoby [Brissett], he makes plays for them, and he’s a dang good player. And so does Thornton, the running back. Those two guys are doing a great job. They’re moving people on the offensive line, they do great job with their zone blocking schemes. They’re able to move the football, there is no doubt about that. And the added element of him (Brissett) being able to run creates problems for your defense.

“Defensively, they’re very sound in what they do. They’re where they’re supposed to be, they’re not making mistakes, there aren’t a lot of missed assignments as far as turning people lose in the secondary. You go back and look at the game last year, they were there. We had some big receivers that went up and made some big plays over them, but they were where they were supposed to be. They’re well coached. There’s no doubt that they’re going to play hard. So we’re going to have to play and play really well.”

On using motivation to gain an edge:
“These aren’t professional football players. These guys are still kids. I believe that motivation is very important to the game of football. If you look out there on any given Saturday across this country, the team that is motivated and playing with a lot of energy is winning the football games. The one that’s not is struggling. And I don’t care who they are, they better be ready to play or anybody will beat you. It doesn’t matter if that team is talented or not. If your team is not fired up and ready to play, that other team will wear you out.”

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