Heck: 'I Knew I Was Ready'

Three years after his brother, Jon, committed to UNC, Charlie Heck followed suit this week. The versatile 6-foot-7, 240-pound jumbo athlete at Rockhurst (Mo.) went in-depth with InsideCarolina.com about his decision to become a member of the 2015 Tar Heel recruiting class.

Explain the circumstances that led you to commit to UNC.

“I’ll kind of start with last year then. Last year during the football season I was 200 pounds. I didn’t really have a tape, because I was pretty scrawny. But after that season, I put on 50 pounds and I worked my tail off. I went to the UNC, K-State, and Notre Dame camps and they were pretty surprised with the transformation. They were really surprised at the camp, so I was given a preferred walk-on [by UNC], because they just hadn’t seen any film on me. So they said that they’d be watching me during my senior year. The same thing happened with Notre Dame.

“At that time, I thought I was going to take the Notre Dame preferred walk-on [offer], because I didn’t know if I was really going to get any other scholarships. At the time, I just had scholarships from Holy Cross and Richmond.

“Rockhurst started rolling and we just started being real successful. That made the big schools become interested.

“I had been in touch with Coach [Chris Kapilovic] giving him updates. After K-State offered me, I told Coach Kap… He asked for my senior tape. They watched it, made the decision, and then [Kapilovic] told me they were going to offer me that next week. He said that Coach [Larry] Fedora was going to call me and make it official. I had that time to think it over... Coach [Fedora] called me on Sunday and I knew I was ready to make my decision and so I committed right on the spot, because I knew UNC was where I wanted to be.”

What did you think about during the week you waited for the offer to become official?

“I’ve been to North Carolina a bunch of times to see the campus, because I remember going on recruit visits with my brother when he was on them. I fell in love with the campus then. I really fell in love with everything about UNC. I was so jealous that he was able to go to such an amazing school. Really, at a young age that’s when I made the decision that UNC was where I wanted to go. If that were to ever work out for me, I was going to go there not only because of how good the school was and the football program, but my brother plays for them also.”

What role did your relationship with Kapilovic play in your decision?

“We have a really good relationship, just because he’s been my brother’s coach. So I’ve known him for quite some time. Through my dad, I’ve seen [Kapilovic] at all different places. I feel real comfortable with him.”

Did your brother recruit you?

“He was letting me make that decision for myself. He actually didn’t hear about [the offer] until I committed. He knew they were interested and there was a possibility of it happening. He was ecstatic when I told him, but he wasn’t telling me I should come.”

Did the opportunity to play with him play a role?

“Yes. I always thought that would be a huge positive. He’s been a huge role model in my life.”

What other offers did you have?

“Richmond, Holy Cross, and K-State [offered]. Air Force and Indiana were going to offer this week, my coach told me.”

Position wise, you started at tight end and rotated in at defensive end. What position is UNC recruiting you for?

“Most coaches saw me going in as a tight end. Depending on how my body transforms, most coaches think that I will change to an offensive tackle eventually. There’s a good chance that because of my brother and my dad, who were both offensive tackles, I’ll follow in their footsteps as a really athletic offensive tackle.

“With UNC, I was doing a lot of D-end along with tight end. So I could be a player that could go three different ways [for UNC] depending on how I develop.”

How did Rockhurst use you at tight end?

“I was primarily a blocking tight end. They only threw me the ball twice the whole season. Fortunately, I caught both.”

When’s the last time you’ve visited UNC?

“The camp.”

Have you discussed plans to return, possibly for your official visit, with Kapilovic?

“We were talking about Jan. 17, I think. I think that’s when all the commits are coming down.”

How firm is your commitment? Will you visit any other schools or is there a school, such as Notre Dame, that could offer and force you to rethink your commitment?

“No, there’s not. I’m 100-percent a Tar Heel now. I’m not a guy that would ever de-commit.”

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