Tucker Learns his Role

Carl Tucker was educated on how he’ll be used within North Carolina’s offense during this past weekend’s official visit.

The majority of the information was feed to Tucker, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound tight end prospect from Cornelius (N.C.) Hough, throughout a 45-minute meeting with Seth Littrell, UNC’s offensive coordinator and tight ends coach, on Saturday night.

“He answered [my question about usage] just by saying ‘Everybody does everything,’” Tucker said. “So, they can have this person in the backfield and then the running back can go to be receiver; a receiver could go to the backfield and then the tight end could go out; the receiver could go to the backfield and block for the running back – everybody knows all the plays at every position, which gives Littrell the leeway to put anybody where he wants. Everybody gets the opportunity to get the ball in a lot of different ways, which is really cool.”

While every recruit is anxious to learn their projected usage, it’s even more imperative for Tucker since he’ll be enrolling at UNC in less than a month.

Larry Fedora also hit on Tucker’s role during the customary official visit ending meeting with the head coach Sunday morning.

“He just told me he’s ready to get me here,” Tucker said. “Since I’m physical and athletic for my size, he said he has a lot of ideas on ways to get me the ball. All I want to do is contribute to the offense. That’s what he said I’ll be doing and I’m excited for that.”

Outside of usage, Tucker’s official visit – which he took with his parents and younger siblings – provided him a chance to see life outside of football at UNC.

“I got to see a lot of the campus,” Tucker said. “I like it. It’s very nice. The people are nice and everybody knows each other. I really enjoyed it.”

Tucker had two player hosts – freshman wide receiver Josh Cabrera on Friday and freshman tight end Brandon Fritts on Saturday.

“They talked to me about how stuff works,” Tucker said. “They explained to me how some things are and how stuff is without football. They just explained to me what to expect and how to prepare myself. Fritts came early last year, so he just told me what to expect and how I should do things. He said if I’m prepared, I should be fine.”

Integrating within UNC’s roster is obviously important to a recruit who will be partaking in spring practice in a few months. This past weekend proved to Tucker that the transition should be smooth.

“They are a very easy group of people to get along with,” Tucker said. “And I can tell that it’s going to be a lot of fun to be with them, because they treated me like I was already a teammate. I really didn’t feel like I was a recruit – I felt like I was already there.”

Tucker was selected to play in the 78th Annual Shrine Bowl on Dec. 20. However, his final exam schedule forced him to decline.

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