UNC-UNCG: Roy Williams Postgame

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over UNCG.

Opening comments:
“We had too many turnovers in the second half, but Kennedy and Joel sort of dominated with 8-9 and 5-7. But we turned it over 17 times; again, that’s too many turnovers. Now we get the chance to have some practices that hopefully will be long, long and long. We have no classes to go to – we have a lot of class – but we need to get some work done in the next couple of days.”

Meeks is shooting 65 percent on the season. How has his offensive game evolved?
“He’s doing some nice things. His only miss tonight was a dead layup. He was looking around to see who was going to try to come block his shot and didn’t focus on it going in. Then he got the offensive rebound and put it back in. But we’ve got to get him more shots if he’s going to shot 65 percent. We didn’t shoot it very well, to say the least. Marcus was 1-for-8 and it seemed like he was 1-for-50, but he told me he rebounded the ball well – he was our leading rebounder – so you’ve got to give him some credit for that. But we’ve got to get Kennedy to be a little more explosive around the basket so the bigger guys on some of the bigger teams we play won’t bother him as much.”

How concerned are you about Marcus’s struggles?
“It’s a day-to-day thing. You guys tried to get me excited about Saturday because of the way he made four [3-pointers] in the second half. So I didn’t get that excited then and I’m not going to get that disappointed right now. He did some good things, but boy, he missed some wide open shots, too.”

What did your team get out of this win tonight?
“I think we played somebody else. We tried to do some different things, but they’re very familiar with us because they play the same kind of style of play. People will say you got a chance to play in Greensboro where the tournament is. I’ve never made a big deal of that. I think we did some good things early in the game. We held them to 28 percent in the first half. I don’t think we were nearly as good defensively, but we got more out of it than if we hadn’t played for sure. Wes’s guys, No. 0, Sadler, he didn’t have the kind of night that he’s been having and that was a difficult thing for them.”

Do you think this was one of Joel James’s best games?
“In the first half it was. He was 4-for-4 and did some good things defensively. In the second half I don’t think he was as effective. Twice he had the ball ready to go up for a layup or a dunk and they were able to deflect it out because it took so long. You’ve got to get more explosive and quicker on that. But I would think that Joel would probably grade out pretty well defensively, too.”

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