Shrine Bowl Coach Speak

SPARTANBURG, S.C. --- Inside Carolina caught up with North Carolina Shrine Bowl assistant coaches Darrell Brewer, Glen Padgett, and Barry Honeycutt to discuss the three UNC verbal commitments on their roster – Jalen Dalton, Juval Mollette, and Mason Veal.

Darrell Brewer on Jalen Dalton:

“He’s an athlete, first of all. He’s very smart and he just goes hard. He’s just an unbelievable kid.”

Brewer on selecting Dalton:

“I’ll tell you, watching him from the combine process, he was up there, but he wasn’t one of my favorite kids going through the combines. But then when he came back to Mooresville [for the Invitational Practice] and you throw him out there during team [drills], nobody could block him. He was in the backfield every play. I think there are kids that are combine kids, but you could just tell Jalen was a football player when you got him in there during the team period. And that’s what we’ve seen here.”

Glen Padgett on Juval Mollette:

“Juval has got excellent speed. He’s tall, he’s rangy, he’s long-armed. He runs good routes. He goes up on the long stuff – on the posts and the [fly routes] – to get the football and competes. He’s athletic enough to be a matchup issue for smaller corners. And also, he’s good at the little possession routes.

“He’s been exactly what we thought he would be… I think he can do some really good things in this game.”

Padgett on Mollette’s usage:

“We’re predominately a one-back system with a lot of run option pass stuff. By run option pass, I’m not talking about triple-option – it’s pre-snap stuff that we do that determines what we’re going to do throwing wise.

“I think he’s the kind of receiver that’s going to be a vertical threat for us. He’s the kind of guy I think we’re going to be able to utilize when we need big plays – particularly down the field, because of his size and the match up issues that creates.”

Barry Honeycutt on Mason Veal:

“I think Mason fits the caliber of height and size, and ability to go along with it. All the guys here fit that. We were looking for big guys that could block, because [South Carolina] is going to be big up front. So we knew size was as important as ability.”

Honeycutt on Veal’s usage:

“He’ll probably be a rotate guy – left and right [tackle]. But we’re still trying to figure that out – who’s going to start. The main thing I want to do is give them all the same opportunity. I’m really not going to worry about who’s going to start and not start. We have nine linemen and we just want to make sure all nine linemen play.”

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