Dan Disch Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Defensive coordinator Dan Disch answered questions from the media following Thursday's football practice.

Has anything been different for you this week?
Not really. We’re going to try and put a game plan together and try and get the kids to go out and play hard. They know if they show up and play with some energy they’ll have a chance. So no, nothing has really changed. Just working, you know how that is.”

Where were you when you found out about the decision with Vic?
“I don’t remember to be honest. It’s been a blur for a few days. But, we knew we had to play better and we understand that it’s a business and you accept that when you take it on. It didn’t turn out the way we all wanted it to and now coach asked to see if we can go out there and make something happen and that’s what we’re going to do.”

You and Vic have had success at other places with the 4-2-5 scheme in the past, why hasn’t it been as successful here?
“Number one when you’re playing a lot of two back teams like we are you need to get bigger bodies on the field. It’s really good versus the spread, but against power teams you probably need to get bigger bodies in there. I don’t think it’s the scheme, where you put guys really, I think it’s guys doing their job and playing hard and playing with energy and good players. It’s easy to blame a 4-3 or a 4-2-5. If there was one perfect scheme everybody would run it. We just didn’t do some things we needed to do and didn’t come to play every week and we’re just trying to go out and play as hard as we can and get ready for the future.”

How have you seen the players react since Vic has left?
“I don’t know. You’d have to ask the players. They’re going to work hard, I like their attitude. I think they would have done that with Vic here. Nobody likes change like that, it’s hard on everybody, but the kids are working hard and doing the best they can. I’ve been pleased with the way they are working. It’s tough on everybody but they’re positive and working hard and they understand it’s a business and we have to go out and play a game, and I think they’ll be ready.”

How do you approach the pro style offense of Rutgers?
“I don’t know if there is an ideal scheme. They present some matchup problems because they get big on little sometimes and they have a bunch of tight ends in the game and they try and mash you and that hasn’t been our strength. So I don’t know if there is an ideal scheme, we’ll have to move some guys around and put guys in a position to give us a chance. Like anything, I don’t like to overstate playing with energy and playing with emotion, but if our kids come out and are ready to play then we’ll be ok, and if not, then we’ll struggle.”

What have you seen from Gary Nova?
“I think their whole team is good. I think they do a lot of good stuff. It’s a pro style offense, and they’re really ball control . They’ve got some play makers but they’re content to make first downs, and move it down the field and eat some clock. The quarterback is a really good player and they have two or three receivers that are good, and a big ole’ offensive line. It’s their first year in the Big Ten and they already look like a Big Ten team, so it’s pretty impressive.”

Have you transitioned some of your more aggressive ideas of the 4-2-5 into this defense for this week?
“We decided with 10 practices we can’t reinvent the wheel. We’re going to do what the kids know. You tweak a few things to help you each week with what you are going to see, but we’re not going to start from scratch and do different things at this point. There just isn’t enough time. If you had one of those where you’d like to be in a January deal and you had that kind of time you could do a lot of stuff , but we’re going to do what we’ve done and continue to get better at it and get the kids to tackle well, run to the ball, fit gaps and do the things that they’ve got to do.”

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