UNC-W&M: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over William & Mary.

On getting the technical
“That was not my intent. I was yelling at Theo, saying, call time out. And he is pointing at me like, I can’t call a timeout. That guy was dealt with fairly, but that’s all right. Those guys have a hard, hard job.”

Had that been building with the way the team was playing in the second half?
“I was frustrated at us. Is a coach ever going to like a call that is reversed when it’s a charge and it’s your ball going the other way and then all of a sudden? No, no coach is ever going to like that. I was frustrated at my team.”

You looked at the video and then you called a timeout. Did you want to speak to the officials about it?

How do you feel about this team heading into ACC play?
“I don’t know. That’s the best answer I can give you. We do some good things. We’re not focused enough. In the second half we didn’t turn the ball over but four times, so I liked that, because at the half I was really mad about our turnovers. And we were fortunate because J.P. threw one pass that was going to Justin, but Brice intercepted it and dunked it. So we got an assist instead of a turnover. But I thought we handled it better. And we just weren’t focused starting the second half. And we had 25 after J.P.’s three, but we have to maintain focus because that’s the only way we get better. We’re trying to build habits and not say ok, William and Marry we’re up 25, I can do this. What we’re trying to do is build habits to become a really good basketball team. Kennedy has been sick the last three days and has only practiced about half the practices the last three days, as a matter of fact he’s in there right now and they’re giving him an IV. We knew it was going to be a difficult game for us defensively because they spread us so well and they shoot the ball pretty dog on well from outside with four guys. So they were doing that. So then I went small and played J.P. as a four because Isaiah had four fouls. Brice wasn’t as involved as much as I wanted to. The referee felt that Brice was talking to him, and I didn’t like that so I took Brice out at one point. It’s hard to say. I think we’ve gotten better, but we made more mistakes tonight than I would hope we’d make. It’s Tuesday, so we play Saturday. I would hope that you would get rid of those mistakes four days before the first conference game. It’ll be a big challenge for us in practice for us to focus on the things we need to focus on to get a heck of a lot better.”

There was a point in the second half where J.P. fumbled the ball out of bounds, and there was a timeout right after that and it seemed like you didn’t even go in the huddle. Were you trying to make a point?
“It wasn’t J.P, it was Theo I think on the other side. I don’t try to prove points. Sometimes the best thing to say is to not say anything because what I would have said would not have been very good at that time. If I’m going to threaten them or promise them something I’m going to deliver. So I felt like I shouldn’t promise them anything.”

With Nate and J.P shooting better over the last few games are you feeling better about how your team is shooting the ball?
“I think we’re getting better. The crazy thing is that Justin Jackson in the last two days of practice made a bunch, I mean a bunch. And he was 0-4 tonight. But I really think that he is shooting it better as well. If you go back, not that you should, you should take my word for it. I said at the start of the year that we would get better as a shooter, and I think we have. We have to do a better job of moving against the zone. Kennedy and Brice have to do a better job for sure, and the other guys too. Because then the zone has to worry about those guys a little bit, and then we’ll have more open outside shots as well.”

You said that you didn’t know about your team heading into ACC play, is that an ok thing that your team is still evolving?
“It better be ok because I’m telling you the truth because I can’t do anything about it. We’ll try to bust their tails in practice in a big way and get a heck of a lot better. There is no excuse for throwing the ball at a guys feet and having it go out of bounds. There’s no excuse for throwing the ball over a guys head by ten feet and hitting the seventh row of the risers. I think again, defensively, being focused for a whole game, we’ve done that quite a few times. For the first 32 minutes in Chicago against Ohio State I thought we really had good focus. But human nature is again, 25-point lead maybe you’re not going to focus as much. I’m not coaching just to try to win a game, I’m trying to coach to make this team the best basketball team we can be. Regardless of who you are playing we’re trying to build habits as I said, and trying to become the best team we possibly can, and I didn’t think we did a lot of that at times tonight.”

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