Interview with Julian Jenkins

Inside Carolina interviews a coveted TE/DE from Georgia. Whoever gets Jenkins will get a player with 'can't miss' written all over him.

Inside Carolina interviewed DE/TE Julian Jenkins. Julian is a player that is being recruited by practically every major college in the US. Oddly all of his favorites have offered except one (Stanford). Julian was originally born in Boston. HS - Woodward Academy College Park, Ga.

Age: 17
Height: 6-4
Weight: 230
40-time: 4.54
BP: 325
Tackles: 68
Sacks: 7

Current favorites: ND, Stan, PSU, NW, Miami, Mich. All have offered except Stanford.

Inside Carolina - Who is recruiting you the hardest?

Julian Jenkins - I'd say PSU

Inside Carolina – How often are you being contacted by PSU?

Julian Jenkins  - About two letters a day.

Inside Carolina -How many schools have you visited (unofficially)?

Julian Jenkins  - ND,NC,Mich,Clem,Duke,Uga, and GaT.

Inside Carolina  - Do you have any official visits set?

Julian Jenkins  - I go to PSU on September 1, Notre Dame November 3, and Stanford November 24. I'm not sure about my other visits.

Inside Carolina  - Which of your unofficial visits did you enjoy the most?

Julian Jenkins  - ND. They really made me feel at home. It is a smaller school with a smaller campus. I really liked the atmosphere.

Inside Carolina - What do you like about Carolina?

Julian Jenkins - I like that they only accept the top 20% of the students in NC. My HS requires all students to apply to a "safety school" (editors note: Julian attends a private school in which counselors help choose an appropriate school for each student to apply to in case their first priority school does not accept them. It appears that UNC is Julian's safety school in case athletics does not work out and he does not get accepted at his priority school.). UNC is my safety school. I also like the campus, that it supports well-rounded students, and that it is diverse. For football, I like the opportunity for early playing time.

Inside Carolina  - What do you not like about Carolina?

Julian Jenkins  - I'm really not interested in going to a school that has a football team in a rebuilding phase. I'm looking for a more established winning tradition.

Inside Carolina  - Why is Stanford one of your favorites if you are looking for an established winning football program?

Julian Jenkins -They are the number one academic school in the country. A degree from Stanford would really mean something.

Inside Carolina  - Could you go through your list of favorites and describe what you like about each school (other than Stanford and ND)?

Julian Jenkins - As follows:

PSU –(1) JoePa (his words) has established a great winning tradition. I know he will not be there forever but it would be great to play for him for awhile. (2) They have top facilities (3) Our HS coach went there on a coaching trip and learned a lot to help improve our HS program. He told me about the facilities (Julian has not visited there yet).

NW-Best academic school in the Big 10.

Mich – Another good academic school in the Big 10

Miami – I like the weather better than Gainesville (not as muggy) and they have a good science department. I want to major in psychology or psychiatry.

Inside Carolina  - Who is recruiting you from Carolina?

Julian Jenkins -Coach Brewer.

Inside Carolina  - Did you watch the UNC/OK game?

Julian Jenkins -I watched the first half and some of the second half.

Inside Carolina  - What did you think of the game?

Julian Jenkins - Well OK is last year's national champions and they came out knowing that Carolina's history. How they play in big games. OK came out alive and really put a lot of pressure on UNC. I think they thought they (Carolina) would make mistakes under pressure. The QB for UNC was not playing very well and it looked like the team got discouraged. After the first half I thought OK became a little complacent and UNC's backup QB started doing a little better. Carolina's defense played decent. I expected Carolina to play better after Pepper's int. but they didn't.

Inside Carolina  - What do you watch for during a college game?

Julian Jenkins -I watch the DE's. How they attack the OL. I also watch the LBs and how they fill the gaps.

Inside Carolina  - Anything surprise you about recruiting so far?

Julian Jenkins -I'm just surprised by all the attention I've gotten. Whenever the newspapers or TV crews show up for our practice I try to tell my teammates that this is their opportunity to be noticed by college recruiters.

Inside Carolina  - Have your parents given you any advice about choosing a school?

Julian Jenkins  - My mom provides input on what kind of things to ask colleges about.

Inside Carolina  - How about your coach?

Julian Jenkins -He just supports me. He made about 22 copies of my game tape and sent it out to various colleges. He really helped me get noticed. He hasn't really tried to sway me in any particular direction.

Inside Carolina  - Has any school really turned you off?

Julian Jenkins  - A school hasn't but a recruiter has. This one guy just tried to pack too much information about his school in a 15-minute conversation.

Inside Carolina  - Who is the best HS player you have played against?

Julian Jenkins  - Probably D.J. Shockley.

Inside Carolina  - The Georgia QB?

Julian Jenkins -Yes. He rushed for about 150 yards against us my sophomore year but he did not score a TD.

Inside Carolina - Did you know who he was at the time?

Julian Jenkins  - No but our coach told us you better not take an inside rush against this guy.

Inside Carolina  - What are your goals for this year?

Julian Jenkins  - Mainly to win a state championship.

Inside Carolina  - How about improvements as a player?

Julian Jenkins  - I really want to work on using my hands better both in controlling blockers on defense and using my hands to block better on offense.

Inside Carolina  - Are you still considering Carolina?

Julian Jenkins  -Yes. I will be watching them. If it looks like they are turning things around then I'll consider them more strongly.


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