UNC-CU: Roy Williams Postgame

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Clemson.

Opening comments:
“The last part of the first half I thought we were really good. That’s probably the best that we’ve played during the course of the season. We shared the ball. We didn’t turn it over. We got good shots, we made shots and we got some stops on the defensive end of the floor. And in saying all of that, there’s no question that Clemson missed some shots tonight that they make a lot of times. They’re not going to go 5-for-28; it was 4-for-27 until they made the last one. We were pretty doggone good.

“I told Brad [Brownell] that I believe that first half was the best that we’ve played this year. We had a big lead and reminded them that against William & Mary we had a 22-point lead at half, made a three to start the second half to get it to 25 and then let them get it back to nine because we quit playing and I don’t think we did that tonight. Everybody kept reminding that we had lost the conference opener two years in a row, so we wanted to make sure that we didn’t do that. We wanted to play well and I think we played well.”

Justin Jackson had some success from a lot of different spots from the floor. Your thoughts on his play?
“Steve [Kirschner] said it right – the last game he was really good in the first half as well and I think it helps his confidence when the ball is going in the basket a little bit more. He’s going to be a good scorer and I think he’s a good shooter. I think he only made one three – yeah, he was 1-for-1 – but he can score the ball and does some good things.”

You said you were worried coming into this one. Does this performance quell some of your fears?
“I’m always worried. It’s just the nature of the business kind of thing. I’m also very confident and I know that’s an oxymoron, if that’s the correct way to use that term. I want to make sure that we cover every base. I want to make sure that we touch on everything that we need to touch on in preparation and then lay awake at night and still think if you’ve done everything. But at game time we came out and I felt like our kids were confident, and we tried to give them confidence during the pregame stuff, and I think we played that way tonight.”

You’ve talked about finishing the defense on the boards. Were you pleased with your team’s effort on the defensive glass tonight?
“Very pleased. We had more points off offensive rebounds than they did at the half. They’re going to get some. Brad’s team is not going to shoot it like that. They missed quite a few shots; they had a lot of opportunities to get second shots. We didn’t shoot it great in the second half ourselves. The backboards, to me – you can’t say that one area is more important by far than everything – but I happen to like the rebounding as a key thing for me and I think we did some good things there.”

Kennedy Meeks was ill all week. Did you like what you saw from him?
“He was 4-for-11. I mean, he had no lift. You could see that. We tried to substitute in and out early in the first half, particularly, to try to make sure he was okay. I like it that he plays 22 minutes, Justin plays 27, Marcus plays 26, J.P. plays 22, so you like that because we turn around and play again on Monday.”

You only scored two points in transition tonight. How pleased were you with your halfcourt offense?
“Well, I think we had more than two, but that’s all right. I know that Jackson got a layup… but we call break either primary or secondary and we had a lot of baskets in the secondary part of our break. Good teams like Clemson aren’t going to give you fastbreak opportunities too many times, but we shoot 44 percent. Our halfcourt offense is most of it. I’d like to shoot it a little bit better, there’s no question.”

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