Enrollees Looking for Head Start

Why did the large group of Tar Heel recruits choose to enroll this week at UNC rather than wait for the summer? Inside Carolina asked them ...

J.K. Britt: “I decided to enroll early because I felt like I could get an extra jump on all the guys who are coming in that are committed to my position, I can get an extra jump on all my classes in case I do have a troubles in the school year, and maybe I can major in something and minor in something.”

Jalen Dalton: “I’ll have a better chance to play and at least get in the rotation if you come in early. That was kind of the main reason.”

Juval Mollette: “It gives me a chance to earn early playing time. I knew I wasn’t going to be playing basketball this year and I had enough credits, so there really wasn’t a reason to stick around [Randleman]. It was overall a good opportunity for me.”

Andre Smith: “I just want to get a jump start on the playbook, learning the scheme, and getting acquainted to the school. I want to be able to graduate in three/three and a half years. I felt like it was the best move to get out of high school and enroll in college and have a chance to play early.”

Anthony Ratliff-Williams: “I’ll definitely get that step up above the competition across the nation. I pretty much get that level where I know exactly what I want to do, get used to my classes, be able to study film – so it was pretty much a decision I made a long time ago before I even chose a college. No matter what school I want to, I wanted to get there early.”

William Sweet: “I want to get a head start athletically and academically. Life isn’t promised, so I’m just taking it one day at a time.”

Mason Veal: “It was just a chance to get there a couple of months early, get my class schedule down, and get an opportunity to get some of my freshman year done before the fall semester starts. It was really about the academic portion – getting ahead, having time to get adjusted – but also being here around the team, learning the system, and trying to get as far ahead as I can.”

Ty’Son Williams: “I’ll be doing something productive while I’m there. I’ll be working out with the team, learning the playbook. And going back to [high] school for one semester would have been a piece of cake, because I’d just be taking classes like P.E. and stuff like that. But enrolling early, I’ll get a start on the fall semester.”

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