Ga. Athlete Schedules UNC Official

Several suitors have been vying for one of Chris Williamson’s final official visit slots. North Carolina is the first to score one of those visits.

Williamson, a 6-foot, 183-pound athlete from Gainesville (Ga.), is scheduled to officially visit UNC the weekend of Jan. 16.

“North Carolina has always been a program I was interested in growing up,” Williamson said. “I just was watching them [and] seeing them on TV a lot. I've been following Larry Fedora since I was in high school, because that’s a coach I could see myself playing for. Hiring Gene Chizik, who’s a great defensive coordinator, definitely drew my attention.”

Williamson says he decided to schedule the official before word leaked out of Chizik’s hiring. But once he learned that Chizik would be leading the Tar Heels’ defense, it solidified Williamson’s plans.

As a football recruit, Williamson has yet to visit UNC. He did, however, participate in a track meet on campus at a younger age.

“[I want to] get a better understanding of what direction these coaches are heading in [and] what direction the program is heading in,” Williamson said. “[I want to] get to bond with the players [and] see what they have to say about the coaches. I want to hang around the coaches, especially my position coach. I kind of want to find out about the academics at North Carolina.”

Ron West is recruiting Williamson for UNC. On Wednesday evening, though, Williamson had a lengthy phone conversation with Fedora.

“[Fedora] was telling me some things that Coach Chizik was saying about me like how they have to get on me hard and recruit me hard,” Williamson said. "So Fedora said he's going to be after me."

UNC is among an avalanche of schools that recently began pursuing Williamson.

“It’s really picked up for me this last month and a half,” Williamson said. “That’s when most of my offers came.”

To be exact, Williamson held scholarship offers from just Louisiana Monroe and FCS Mercer a month and a half ago. He’s now up to 19 offers.

“It just seemed like once a week I could be getting a call about an offer from another school," Williamson said. "I had a good stretch. It’s been great, but it’s been real hectic. It’s definitely a great position to be in.”

Just before the Dead Period commenced in mid-December, Williamson took his first official visit to California. He says the Golden Bears remain in contention.

Williamson is looking to schedule one or two more official trips. Cincinnati, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Virginia Tech are battling for those spots.

“[The aforementioned schools offer] good academics, programs that are definitely on the rise, great position coaches, and the backgrounds of putting players in the [National Football] League,” Williamson said. “It’s hard to pass up on schools with guys that coach my position that have put guys in the NFL.”

Speaking of positions, schools project Williamson at one of two positions: cornerback and wide receiver. UNC is in the former group.

“I used to not have a [position preference], but now I prefer defensive back,” Williamson said. “I feel like that’s where my money’s at.”

During his high school career, Williamson has played running back, wide receiver, quarterback, cornerback, and safety. He finished his senior season with 52 receptions for 1,061 yards and 15 total touchdowns (14 receiving). Defensively, he accumulated 65 tackles, 13 pass breakups, and two interceptions.

Williamson is unsure when he’ll make a verbal commitment, but doesn't want to wait until Signing Day to make a decision.

“If I feel that a certain place is home for me, then I will commit to that school,” Williamson said.

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