UNC-VT: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Virginia Tech.

Opening comments:
“I thought that was a weird game. The stoppages, the wrong shooters, all that kind of stuff. It took forever to play the game, but you’ve got to congratulate Virginia Tech. They controlled the tempo and style of the game, everything. You can just look at the rebound numbers. We’ve got to be pleased with the rebounding We’ve got to get a heck of a lot better on the defensive end. We knew they were going to shoot a lot of three’s. They shot 29, but we shot 16. Thirteen in the first half. If you look at the stat sheet in the first half, we shot 13 three’s but zero free throws. That’s not the way a North Carolina basketball team is supposed to play. That’s just the bottom line. Justin Jackson, I thought was more active. He had his hand on a lot of balls that I think he could’ve come up with. I think he was more active. J.P and Marcus both turned it over way, way too much today just like the rest of our team did. Seventeen turnovers is not something good. Again, congratulate Virginia Tech’s defense. They played in frenzy and put us in a position to make turnovers. We obliged and made some turnovers. Bottom line is we’ve got to win. Sometimes we’ve got to win some ugly games to have a really good year. That was an ugly win, but I think Buzz and his club were a man down without a kid that’s a leading scorer in ACC play. That’s a big time loss for them. Again, you’ve got to congratulate them for what they did during the course of the game.”

On Justin Jackson being more active:
“Well I’ve told him he’s got to me more aggressive. No, it’s not just taking shots or looking for your shot. It’s getting some rebounds too. In the first half, I was disappointed in the 13 three’s and zero free throws. I’m sure it has happened, but I can’t remember a team that they went a whole half without shooting a free throw.”

On controlling the tempo:
“Well it is a challenge. They’re good players too. I want to play, but we’re not playing nearly as fast as I want them to play. I think we’re playing a very average pace, and I’d like us to play faster for sure. But it is a challenge because the other team is very well coached. They have good guards. I was just looking for Devin’s line. He was 0-3, but he really controlled the whole tempo of the game. It’s frustrating at times, but I like for it to be 130-110 us.”

On defending Virginia Tech:
“At times we were okay defensively. I don’t think we were great, but at times we were okay. I decided not to say much to the team because you don’t want to say something until you’re sure, so I get to look at the tape first. You know they shoot 35 percent and you like that. They’re 34 percent from three and they’ve been shooting over 40. I think for us, we’re trying to get better each and every game. Trying to learn something. We had an opportunity to learn some things today. There’s no question. They pressed it, and we turned it over three times in four possessions. Joel throws it out on the inbounds play. Marcus turns it over. J.P. turns it over. All of those things, I remember those as opposed to good defense right now.”

Why did you think your team took 13 3-pointers in the first half?
“I don’t think we’re a stupid team but every team plays stupid sometimes. I think it’s probably that. I ask them to take the shot that I wanted, not the shot that Buzz wanted. They want you to take those three’s for a reason. We don’t make many of them. We had a huge size advantage inside. We scored 34 points inside to their 18, it should’ve been more.

On the high turnover total:
“The same answer I gave last time. If I knew how to fix the blankety, blank stuff it would have already been fixed. Again, I don’t think my team is stupid but boy do we make some dumb plays. As I said, we’re supposed to have practice off tomorrow, but I told them I’d see them at 9 o’clock tomorrow night. We are going to practice and we’re going to try to get better. 17 turnovers are way too many. The choice of the passes that we made, the guy is two feet away from you, and you can’t throw bullets all the time. Sometimes you need to throw passes other people can catch. I was very positive with my team. I told them good job, now let’s get the heck out of there.”

Is this a team that you need to motivate from within or will they motivate themselves in the upcoming games that your team will be favored in?
“I wouldn’t favor us over anybody the way we played tonight. We’ve got to go on the road our next game. In this league there are 18 games and you better be ready to play every night. It’s been difficult with Marcus’s foot, for example. He gets a hip pointer tonight. We’re trying to cut back practice for everybody and that’s my fault. We’ve tried to cut back practice to take care of our health. Now I want to take care of my health, mentally. That will be the concern during practice tomorrow night. Bowl games aren’t on. Last week, Monday night I was watching a football game, but I don’t have anything to do tomorrow night. I’ll get some food during the radio show and I’ll practice for a long time.”

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