Visitors Talk Chizik

Although an official announcement has yet to be made, Gene Chizik was added to North Carolina’s staff to lead the defense. Each of the defensive prospects who officially visited UNC over the weekend met individually with Chizik on Sunday. Inside Carolina asked the pledges in attendance their thoughts on their future coordinator.

Corey Bell: “I’m excited. I trust him, because he’s won national championships before. I’m just ready to learn from him.”

Aaron Crawford: “Immediate excitement. As soon as he walks into the room, he brings a commanding presence about him. I just met the guy and I already don’t want to let him down.

“We got to sit down and talk with him with my family, and we’re excited about the new defense that he’s running. The way he talks and the way he presented himself, I really felt like a national championship would be coming to North Carolina within the next couple of years. I think we’re doing a 4-3 [defensive scheme].”

Johnathan Sutton: “He just talked to me about coming in and just being ready to work. He told me to work hard and try to earn a spot. He said just play football. He said he’s going to teach me the defense, but it’s going to be my job to learn it.

“He seems like a good guy. He was just like everybody else – he has the mindset of a competitor and just wants to win.”

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