Pledges Officially Visit

How was the experience for the large contingent of Tar Heel verbal commitments who officially visited over the weekend – especially since most have made countless unofficial trips to the campus? Inside Carolina asked them…

Corey Bell: “I came over the summer and got to chill with the players before, so there wasn’t anything new there. Probably the one thing I haven’t done is get around to the different restaurants and where the team eats sometimes. I got to see more of the facilities and the stadium. I got to see a little bit more about the typical life of a player.”

Aaron Crawford: “Everything went great. I had a great time.

“The main difference between my official and past visits is I ate a lot more. That and meeting a lot more of the guys on the team. I got to interact with them a little more. I spent a lot more time in the dorms than I had in past visits.”

Nathan Elliott: “I love it. I love it even more now. It was just a lot of fun to see everything and hang out with all of the players. I’m just really excited.

“The one thing I wasn’t able to do previously was meet all the other recruits in my class, because usually when I went up there it was hit or miss whether someone was there or not. But just about everyone was there. I think I saw just about everyone – maybe not some of the kids that came in [in January] – but all the kids that were on their official I met with and talked to a lot. So I’ve got a good relationship with most of them now.”

Tommy Hatton: “It was a great trip. I’m happy I made it and I had a good time and they treated us real well. I got real close with all the commits and I’m looking forward to coming in. I got to see everything again. I got to sit with all the coaches and I could tell that they really want me there.

“I don’t live too far, but I do in a sense – I’m ten hours away. So I’ve got to be really comfortable. I’m not going to be able to come home whenever I feel homesick. So I need somebody that can be a father figure to me while I’m down there and Coach Kap [Chris Kapilovic] is that guy.”

Charlie Heck: “It was awesome. Everything blew me away. I hadn’t been to campus in a while and getting out there was great. It exceeded my expectations.

“Before when I went around campus I pictured it as a place my brother went. This time, I was able to picture it as a place that I’m going to be going the next few years.”

Nick Polino: “Everything went good. I hit it off with the guys, I hit it off with the coaches, [and] it felt like home. We spent more time on campus, got to see more stuff, [and] got to get more comfortable with more stuff.”

Johnathan Sutton: “It was my first official, so I wasn’t expecting anything. They showed me a good time. They showed me around and they showed me how good people they were.

“I got more around the coaches. When I visited for football games, I didn’t get a chance to be around them too much, because they were on the field or doing stuff for the game. It was good to be around them and see how they’ll talk to me outside of football.”

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