Official Solidifies Commitments

While none of North Carolina’s commitments were wavering, a couple had questions that needed to be answered before signing on Feb. 4. Inside Carolina asked the pledges who officially visited over the weekend how their stays impacted their commitment status.

Corey Bell: “I feel the same way as I did before [about my commitment]. But it does make me feel more excited to get here. I’m going to enjoy these next four or five months, but I can’t wait to get here in June.”

Aaron Crawford: “I feel like it solidifies everything. I really feel like this was needed for me to really feel comfortable being a Tar Heel for the next four or five years.”

Nathan Elliott: “I think it solidifies it even more. There’s really only one thing that was kind of holding me back a little bit and that’s the fact that there’s going to be so many quarterbacks. The distance isn’t even a thing to me anymore. It’s going to be a full house in the quarterback meeting room and I’m going to be competing my butt off every day, which I like – I’m not scared to compete. It’s just going to make me better and make the other guys better. I just want to play football. I know I’m going to get a great education at North Carolina.”

Tommy Hatton: “I’m 100-percent committed [and] I tweeted that out yesterday. I was thinking about taking other visits, but after this official I’m solid now.

“I really don’t know what it was – I just felt at home there… I feel loved there and I’m looking forward to changing this program around. And it’s not just me – a lot of kids are too. No more 6-7 seasons – that shit is not acceptable to us. We’re trying to win. I want football to be more of a pull on campus… Playing for ACC Championships every year is a realistic goal of ours. I know it’s a lot of talk right now, but I think we can do it.”

Charlie Heck: “This is furthered my feelings. I’m 100-percent committed there. There’s nowhere else that I’d rather be. It’s just a great group of guys and we’re going to make something special.”

Nick Polino: “I was 100-pecent committed and knew I made the right decision. It always felt at home. There was no place that could take me away from that. [The official visit] was kind of like a formality. I always knew that I was getting to go to my dream school for free.”

Johnathan Sutton: “I feel it’s the best decision I could make. It’s a good education and then you have football behind it. If football doesn’t work out, I’ll have a great degree and be able to get a job.”

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